3 thoughts on “Intelius Review: An interview with Intelius People Search and People Finder’s Ed Petersen”

  1. Intelius Revealed as a scam
    It turns out that the facts are in and there is no question that Intelius is a scam. What they do is outright theft from consumers. For all of the details, see the excellent blog at: http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/05/29/naveen-jains-intelius-prepares-to-go-public-how-much-of-their-revenue-is-a-scam/
    Many people on blogs and comments have said they felt that these guys at Intelius deserve to be in jail. Read the TechCrunch story and the various comments and decide for yourself. There are also numerous web site where consumers have complained about these guys.
    Intelius claims to offer background checks and public information. It�s pretty clear that all they do is to scrape public data and repackage and sell. All by itself, that is a legitimate service, but for them that is just a vehicle for a scam. All consumers should be pleased that TechCrunch did a background check on them, and found what a fraud they were,
    By the way, there are 100’s of honest and ethical background check firm around that do a great job.

  2. I used Intelius for one time transaction just to find a person and the tool is very much user-friendly and easy to navigate. The service fee was charged yet I received an additional $20 charge several weeks later saying I have also purchased a “Identity Protection Package” which I have never authorized this transaction and the order has never shown in my first transaction.
    I called the customer service and it took me about an hour to get through; their customer service rep responded my dissatisfaction with “there’s nothing we can do because it comes along with your first people search purchase; therefore we cannot offer any refund.” The ridiculous thing is, this identity protection has a totally different order number and if what he said is true, why I did NOT see any indication of this additional charge when I purchased their service the first time!?
    Their search tool may be useful, but I am very disappointed about how they used my account info and charge me for something I have not been notified or aware of – I consider this almost like a deceit rubbing customers’ money & rights.

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