IdentityTruth: Is Your Identity the “Truth” and Nothing but the Truth?

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For about 33 cents or less a day, IdentityTruth can offer you 12 points of protection from identity theft. IdentityTruth’s protection is show to be so comprehensive that they back it with a guarantee. Read more to find out what protections Identity Truth offers and what IdentityTruth says about how it can protect you from identity theft.
The majority of people think their identity is safe, but studies reveal that 85% of consumers are victims of identity theft. Most people believe that they are taking the appropriate steps necessary to protect their identities; for example using practices like shredding pre-approved credit card offers and installing antivirus or spyware protection on their computer however these practices may not be enough. Last year 13 million consumer identities were compromised. A 2006 report from the FTC shows that out of $5 billion in identity fraud, only 25% involved credit card fraud and only 12% involved new account credit card fraud. That still leaves several other ways that your identity can be used illegally, such as obtaining a job, being charged with a crime, mortgage fraud and many other types of identity theft.

How can IdentityTruth help to protect consumers from the losses associated with identity theft? IdentityTruth offers a comprehensive protection program involving multiple components. Other identity theft programs may offer single or individual products and services to protect your identity, but Identity Truth may be one of the most comprehensive programs available to consumers. Use of other products may not be as complete or effective, leaving opportunities open to an identity thief to misuse your information.
The Identity Truth service can enable Fraud Alerts for free with all three 3 credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. On your behalf, they will place fraud alerts on your account to ensure that any time anyone attempts to open a new account (credit card, utility, loan or mortgage application and any others) in your name that you will be contacted BEFORE that account can be activated. This way you learn about the credit before it happens, not after it damages your credit rating.
Another program available is the removal of your name from pre-approved credit offers. One of the primary sources of information for identity thieves are pre-approved credit card offers. An identity thief has several ways of obtaining these credit card offers, such as “dumpster diving” or in some cases removal from a mailbox. Think about it, how many people have a lock on their mailbox? I didn’t until about 8 months ago. It could be easy, especially during the day when people are at work to go from mailbox to mailbox (those located at the edge of property on the street or even on your front entrance) collecting these already approved applications and you wouldn’t know you had a problem until your good credit was ruined. IdentityTruth will contact many of the primary marketing firms that produce these mailings and remove the risk.
Additional services available through the Identity Truth service include:
-Exclusive $2 million service guarantee: (See the IdentityTruth agreement for specific details.)
– 24/7 Internet monitoring: Quite often the person who stole your information is making money on selling it, not using it for their own. IdentityTruth monitors thousands of daily changing websites to protect their customers.
-Automatic notifications regarding suspicious activity: In addition to the full time monitoring, Identity Truth will automatically notify you of any potential problems it detected through its monitoring of your information as soon as it’s detected. You can be alerted via email or text messaging directly to your cell phone and you decide how you wanted notified.
-™ The Identity Health Score® is really unique feature of IdentityTruth. It is widely recognized as the standard for measuring the risk of your identity being compromised.
-Report of potential future fraud: By tracking all of the data you provide identity theft can provide you with a report that will predict the likelihood of future frauds.
-Reports and Alerts about personal data breaches: Every year breaches occur in companies and institutions including banks, retail stores, schools, government agencies and websites that have lost or had personal and financial information stolen or accessed. If one of those breaches is relevant to you, IdentityTruth will alert you.
-Monitor utility accounts in your name: Wit more utility companies requiring a credit check before providing services, there is an increased demand for “good” credit information. Identity Truth will monitor and notify you when someone uses your information to open an account with a power or gas company.
-Provide you with your updated credit report: Many companies make the promise to provide you with your credit report, but what they are actually doing is obtaining your one free credit report you are entitled to according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. IdentityTruth actually provides an additional credit report so that you can still claim your free one for yourself at any point in the future.
For about 33 cents or less a day, IdentityTruth can offer you 12 points of protection from identity theft that is so comprehensive they back it with a guarantee. There are three plans available: Premium-$9.99 per month (3-month minimum) Premium-1-Year for $99.99 (Save 17%) and Premium-3-Years for $229.99 (Save 36%).
IdentityTruth understands that your identity is more than just your credit. Your identity is interconnected with your personal and family information, your assets, your finances and your credit and identity theft puts you at risk, legally as well as financially. Identity Truth attempts to provide you with the most complete service available, for identity theft protection, protecting all that is important to you.

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Clicking on IdentityTruth coupon, you can save money through IdentityTruth’s Online Store

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  1. Its quite natural that people identify what they see and accept it as a truth. In one’s opinion it the truth what they have identified. But in reality it is very difficult to identify the truth, but it is very easy to identify the theft.

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