Hurricane Irene: Avoiding scams and fraud

Unfortunately far too often natural disasters turn into unnatural disasters for the families affected by them and the charitable organizations that support them.  With the arrival of Hurricane Irene which left various forms of damage and destruction throughout the east coast of the United States as well as the earthquake that unexpectedly hit just days before the storm there may be some organizations that call themselves a charity, but they are actually simply looking for a hand-out to benefit them.

The FBI recently released this warning,

In light of Hurricane Irene, the public is reminded to beware of fraudulent emails and websites purporting to conduct charitable relief efforts. To learn more about avoiding online fraud, please see “Tips on Avoiding Fraudulent Charitable Contribution Schemes” at:

This isn’t the first time or the last time.  Identity Theft Secrets has also reported on many other email scams and fraudulent websites in their articles:

10 Most Despicable Scams of 2010 (The number 1 answer was the Gulf Oil Spill Scam)

Identity Theft and Charity Begin at Home

Be sure to read our articles Tips to avoid charitable contribution scams: Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and Avoid spam and scams: Donations to Haiti Relief and Recovery efforts to help you identify, avoid and report those that may be taking advantage of a natural disaster to create one that one that is definitely unnatural and just as devastating.