How to Unlock iPhones: Hacking into your iPhone with Unlock Software

Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.

A friend of mine hacked his iPhone so that he could use it to broadcast live streaming video feeds to back in 2008.

It was impressive.

Then he told me the price.

He didn’t do the hacking to unlock his iPhone.  He paid some guy $250.

For $250, I could buy a video camera with a 3G connection that would do the exact same thing as a hacked iPhone.

So I wasn’t as impressed after I heard the price.;

If you’re really wanting to unlock your iPhone, there are LOTS of methods.

A few sites which you might want to look at are listed below.

Before you check those out though, you should know that unlocking an iPhone takes 1 of 2 things:

Technical knowlegdge (or someone with technical knowledge and soldering skills)


Software that you buy.

If you’re looking to buy software to unlock your iPhone, we recommend taking a look at iPhone Unlock.

They have a good track record and can fully unlock iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4.

You can unlock pretty much any iPhone version and model, just using their unlock software.

This includes the Newest iPhone 4 model, so that this software will work with all versions of the iPhone.

Installation is simple.  Just downloadsoftware to your computer.  Then connect your iPhone and put the unlock software on there.  All you have to do is open iPhone Unlock and a whole new world of possibilities becomes available.

From their site, they say,

“If you are truly stuck on the installation we also offer tech support that can help you. It’s instant, safe, and easy to jailbreak your iPhone with iPhone Unlock.”

If you want to unlock your iPhone the easy way, check out iPhone Unlock.

If you want to learn to unlock your iPhone the hard way (requires technical know-how and willingness to mess up your iPhone), check out  the articles below.

Easiest way to unlock your iPhone?  Get iPhone unlock software.