How Thieves Rob You At the ATM

Are you aware that with just a piece of X-Ray Film and some glue, thieves can get a hold of your bank card at the ATM?
They have to be a little daring to commit this type of fraud, because it involves actually physically getting in touch with you. Other types of bank fraud don’t require criminals and thieves to be as daring, because they don’t have to actually know who you are in order to rip you off, but in this case, they have to actually get your PIN code from you.
Pretty dangerous business when you consider that these people actually risk getting themselves caught on the ATM’s camera, like they were in the video below.
Take a look, and get some (more) tips for protecting yourself when it comes to theft of your ATM card and PIN.

You can also download this video at
– Look at the ATM. If anything looks fishy, take the inconvenience of going to a different ATM.
– If, for whatever reason, your card is confiscated, contact the bank or ATM provider immediately using the phone # on the front of the ATM.
– Use ATM’s that are stationed at reputable locations. If you use an ATM that looks funny, be aware that you may be signing up for more than just a money withdrawl.


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3 Responses to “How Thieves Rob You At the ATM”

  1. thinsurface Says:

    This is great. If more people become educated about the various types of scams that are out there, we can attempt to combat this crime. Good article, and keep up the great tips and information.

  2. AH Says:

    When you call they’ll deactivate your card on the spot so someone can’t get away with this.

  3. Identity Theft Secrets Says:

    That’s true, but it only works if you know that your card has been stolen and you actually call.