House Call by Trend Micro: Is (Free) HouseCall from Trend Micro Worth It?


I know you do a lot of reviews and have seen you reviewing a bunch of stuff from Trend Micro and I wanna know if Housecall is worth it?

Knoxville, TN

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question.  With all the scanners and services and claims of things being free, we can understand how you might be skeptical about House Call.

But yes, Housecall is a completely free scanning software from Trend Micro.  Free is almost always worth it.

As you might imagine because it’s free, HouseCall is quite popular and has won Trend Micro a few awards for it’s ability to identify and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, unwanted browser plugins, and other malware.

Their newest version, HouseCall 7.1, improves on the recently released HouseCall 7.0.

While the older version only did quick system scans, the new HouseCall offers a full system scan option, as well as an option to scan only specific folders. In 7.1, they’ve also made sure to check the software so that it will work on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It also is a stand-alone application.  Some people had challenges with the previous version (which launched inside of a browser), because there were some conflicts happening related to other scanners running inside of internet browsing programs.

HouseCall’s review and restore feature lets you check and compare scan results as well as recover files which might have been deleted in the process of cleaning up your computer.

Basically how Housecall works is to require a small launcher application to be downloaded.  This program is called Housecall.exe, and can be used for future start ups to scan your computer.

If you’re a first time user of HouseCall, once you’ve got it installed, just select Quick Scan.

Why is HouseCall a free service from Trend Micro?

Well, according to their website, “Trend Micro has offered the free HouseCall on-demand virus scanning service for more than twelve years.”

We don’t know for sure.

But based on what we know, we believe Trend Micro offers HouseCall for free for three reasons:

  • Putting good things into the world causes rewards to come back to you
  • More computers installed with their HouseCall software means more access points and potential ways for Trend Micro to analyze threats around the world.  If it’s free, more people will use it.
  • It’s a gateway product to Trend Micro’s paid products.  When you download and use HouseCall, you’ll see that TrendMicro does offer some great tools, and since HouseCall doesn’t provide the same level of always on real-time protection as Trend Micro’s other products, they’re hoping that HouseCall will entice you to download and purchase some of their other products.

And their other products are worth a look.

Visit Trend Micro’s website to get your free copy of Trend Micro’s Housecall.

For always-on real-time protection, Trend Micro recommends that users install Internet security software, such as Trend Micro Internet Security Pro.