GreenDimes: Go Green One Piece of Junk Mail at a Time

Do you hate “junk mail?” We have software to stop ‘pop ups” and we even have a junk mail/spam box on our email programs — so why not a program that stops junk mail from arriving at our homes? GreenDimes can do just that — stop junk mail from arriving saving you time as well as eliminating chances of identity theft through the use of your unwanted credit card offers.

GreenDimes is a system that removes your home address from dozens of junk mail lists for you. It also removes your address from catalog offers as well as provides you with postcards to use for those direct mail marketing companies that require a signature to remove you from their mailing list. It contacts marketing companies that send out mail addressed to “owner,” “resident” or “occupant” and direct them to remove your address from their mailing lists. Through this service many of the credit card, insurance, sweepstakes, coupon mailers, retail catalogs and solicitations that you receive every month will no longer be in your mailbox. However, GreenDimes can not stop offers from being delivered from companies which you have an existing relationship with; like magazine subscriptions, bank or brokerage statements or membership organizations.
There are several advantages to using a service like GreenDimes to filter junk mail from coming to your home. First, you save your time removing yourself from these mailing list, as well as your time sorting through the mail you want and need to read, and what you need to throw away. After all “time is money.”
Secondly, dumpster diving for those offers that you throw away without a second glance is a popular method of obtaining information for use in identity theft . Thieves can use this information by completing the forms and simply indicating a new address to mail the card to. With the address already pre-printed, they simply check a box or two, sign your name and that pre-approved credit card is now some strangers to use and by doing so they steal your identity, leave you with unpaid credit card debts as well as affect your credit rating. In the event this happens, you then must spend many hours cleaning up the mess that your “trash” left behind. Sure a paper shredder may help, but quite often I see too many friends and family members who don’t take the time to shred the offers prior to tossing them into the trashcan. Shredding is not always the most effective way of dealing with this problem mail.
Lastly, by using services such as this you can help eliminate trash as well as help the environment. Paper is not wasted on sending you unwanted printed offers. Landfills have that much less trash in them; you have that much less trash to throw away. But that is not the only way that GreenDimes helps the environment. For every membership they plant 10 trees, for every catalog they remove from your mailing list they plant one tree.
In a little more than one years time they have stopped 3 million pounds of junk mail and over 500,000 catalogs from being delivered. They have saved or planted over 1 million trees. They currently have over 195,000 residential members. This service has been featured on the “Ellen” show, in the New York Times, Fox News, and Business Week. Members report a 90% decrease in the amount of unwanted junk mail that they receive.
There are two GreenDimes levels of service available. The first level of service is “FREE ME” which provides you with a one year membership to GreenDimes for $20.00. The Free Me membership removes your address from mass mailings, elimination of unwanted catalogs, monthly monitoring to assist you from being added to any additional lists, as well as 10 trees planted on your behalf.
The second level of service is “GREEN ME.” This product is designed to help you with becoming “green.” For $36.00 you receive a one year membership to the GreenDimes program, a reusable tote bag, a GreenDimes American Apparel T-shirt, two energy saving light bulbs and a children’s book, “Little Critter: It’s Earth Day.”
You may purchase either service as a gift. The Free Me service gift recipient will receive an email message indicating their free gift and the Green Me gift will be delivered either via email, or for an extra $6.00 you can have the package mailed to their address.
It takes approximately 3 months for the service to be effective, since much of your junk mail is preprinted and prepared for mailing a long before it is actually mailed. Proceeds go to support three different non-profit planting partners, American Forests, Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future. Programs from these partners are completed in the United States, Central America, India, Haiti, and Senegal. Only credit card payments are accepted and each membership covers one residential address only. If you are interested in saving yourself from unwanted junk mail, want to find efficient ways of protecting yourself from the ever growing danger of identity theft due to junk mail or just want to help protect the environment, GreenDimes is a unique opportunity to accomplish all of those goals and so much more.

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  1. You’ve got some great advice here. I personally still like to use a paper shredder for various documents and use the shredded paper as compost for my garden. It makes some great tomatoes!

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