GoToMeeting Free Trial: Utility and Security through the online meetings offered by Go To Meeting

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If you are doing a lot of showing of items on your computer, one software/service you may want to consider, from both a utility standpoint and a security standpoint, is something like GoToMeeting.
In case you don’t know, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, and services like it, are web conferencing services which allow you to have multiple users (in the case of GoToWebinar, up to 1,000 users), from wherever they are in the world, viewing the same computer screen, and talking on the same conference line over the phone.
If you are the presenter for the conference, then the software allows you to display your screen. If, during the conference, you want someone to be able to take control of your screen.

GoToMeeting, in my usage experience, is just cool. It’s helped me to get on other people’s computers to remove the spyware, adware, and malware they currently have running, while they just watch. Being able to do this through a web conference platform has saved me tens, if not hundreds, of hours, in trying to explain to them how to do it themselves. Instead, they just go to and type in a number I give them. Once they’re joined to the meeting, I tell them to display their screen, and then ask them to give me keyboard and mouse control. Once they do, I can troubleshoot their computer, via the conference software, as if I were sitting there, right next to them.
If you are sending passwords and other sensitive data through email, or telling them to people over the phone in a corporate work environment, it’s probably a good idea to stop. Not that it’s unsafe, but that it’s just not a good idea to send sensitive data through email, or to verbally speak confidential information when other people are hanging around
However, with a conference service like GoToMeeting, you can simply get the person on the phone, and actually show them the information, without there being a security risk of someone snooping on the information (as long as no one is standing behind the person looking at the conference.)
Overall, in using GoToMeeting’s services (including GoToWebinar), it’s much better than any other web conferencing platform I’ve tried (including the pay per use solutions I’ve attempted to use).
So, if you want a free trial, (Plus $10 off if you decide to actually use GoToMeeting, use this GoToMeeting free trial