Free Spybot: Search and Destroy the Spies Trying to Get to Your Information

Can you get a free copy of Spybot Search and Destroy?
We aim to answer that in this IdentityTheftSecrets article.
Are you being spied on? Is your privacy being invaded? Is someone keeping track of your internet habits? Or possibly, even worse, are you being sold out?
Spyware threats are silent stalkers. Spyware keeps track of your internet browsing habits and creates a profile on you and your habits. It is then sold to advertising companies so that they can market products to you.
This isn’t just invasive and annoying. It can also cause your browser to crash or allow your home page to be altered or even hijacked.
What’s worse? Your computer may be infected even if you have not experienced any symptoms or problems.

Spybot – Search and Destroy, which recently released the 1.5.2 version, detects and removes spyware. It is important to know that many common anti-virus software, especially free downloads do not include spyware protection and cannot detect spyware threats.
This anti spyware protection program is free. But is it good?
Yes. So good that it won the PC Magazine’s Editor Choice Award and PC World calls it “the best.”
If you have had experience with other anti-spyware programs you’re probably aware of how long they take as they scan through each file. Here’s where Spybot – Search and Destroy is really unique. It takes just minutes. Spybot is able to be fast and still be thorough by focusing on the specific places spyware programs will have to invade.
One very important feature of Spybot Search and Destroy as an anti spyware program is that it includes the safe removal of adware, spyware, dialers, key loggers, Trojans, and usage tracks.
Many people see the term key logger, but are not sure exactly what it means and what harm it could do to their computer or their information. Some other features of Spybot includes the: safe removal of threats by shredding them, backups of every removed problem, and free support by e-mail or discussion forum.
The name key logger was coined back in DOS days where computers where handled just by using a keyboard. The “keyloggers” just logged the keys you press. The spy needed physical access. Modern keyloggers are much improved. They don’t need physical access. They can log the keys you press; make screenshots to show what
Windows you’re using, and gather information about your internet usage.
Does anyone else ever use your computer? Spybot Search and Destroy can also clean usage tracks. This function protects your privacy if you don’t want other computers users to see the “tracks” of where you go on the internet.
Another impressive function of Spybot Search and Destroy, over many competitors, is the “immunize” control. It enables the program to reject certain recognized spyware programs before they can invade your computer’s hard drive.
Spybot Search and Destroy offers two options, an Easy mode for new users that comes will all the basic features and does all the work for you or an Advanced mode for professionals who want options for more control over settings or skins. Both the Easy and the Advanced mode of Spybot Search and Destroy are free.
You can use Spybot Search and Destroy at no cost to secure your unprotected computer. You can also use Spybot Search and Destroy software to investigate how well an anti-spyware program you are already using is protecting you. You may be surprised. Steve Bass, PC World was:
“…I discovered an app that outshines Ad-aware: Spybot Search and Destroy. Both Ad-aware and Spybot are free, so I downloaded and ran them both, and then I compared the results. (If you do this, make sure to set the programs to find spyware, not remove it, during the test.) The score? Ad-aware found 9 items (cookies and one false-positive program), while Spybot red-flagged 26 items (cookies and two spy apps). Guess which of the two I always use now?”
Spybot Search and Destroy covers your tracks, removes and even prevents lurking invaders. It protects the information you have saved on your computer as well as protects your information from being stolen, sold and used for someone else’s personal gain. If you spend a great deal of time on your computer shopping or working, a protection program is absolutely essential, and Spybot Search and Destroy is one you should absolutely consider downloading.
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