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Because I work with IdentityTheftSecrets, people are always asking me what’s the best Internet Security software or product. Usually they want something that’s cheap or free for their home computer, but lately I’ve also been getting more questions about internet security for mobile phones.

AVG’s free version has long been one of my favorite free (and pay) software tools since (I first downloaded AVG for free on the Internet from sometime around 2006.

Using AVG’s free version did less to disrupt my computer (and seemingly more to protect it,) than when I downloaded similar anti-spyware and antivirus programs from other (and at the time larger) companies.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for AVG’s meteoric growth rate.  AVG’s products (both free and paid versions), are downloaded thousands of times every day from  They now provide a full suite of Internet threat protection solutions – not just for consumers, but also for SMB’s and small enterprises.

Over 110 million people all across the world use AVG so that they can have great security on their computers.  One of the things I find nice about the AVG products I’ve used is that their programs don’t seem to interfere with your ability to do things on the Internet, such as banking or shopping.  When I’ve used other similar free programs, they either pop up with all kinds of warnings and signs, or they slow down my computer to such a snail’s pace that I end up frustrated and uninstalling them.  (If you’re using a pay version, rather than a free version, some of the vendors of antispyware and Internet Security products can be quite difficult to get a hold of.  I have found a few Internet Security software providers who don’t seem to have any staff at all – even for refunds or basic customer service).

With AVG, you know there’s a large and qualified team backing the product, and the free version is (more or less) subsidized by the users of the pay version.

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