ESET Smart Security: Review and 25% off Coupon

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ESET Smart Security is a comprehensive and well-built software which includes antispam and a firewall, as well as antivirus and antispyware.

Before we get into this product review for ESET, a quick note on firewalls first.

80%+ of people in the world are still using Windows-based machines, and it’s important to not have 2 firewalls running at the same time.  It will eat up your system’s resources and the softwares may actually conflict with one another.  So if you are going to use ESET Smart security, turn off your Windows Firewall, which is probably turned on, on your computer, by default.

If you have multiple computers (5 computers or more), it’s a good idea to look into Smart Security’s Business Edition.  This is a version of Smart Security without the antispam/firewall, but it can be centrally accessed in a network administrator mode.

ESET Smart Security will work on computers with Windows XP or Vista, and you can run it on your computer by itself, or (as mentioned) if it’s networked.

ESET is now on their fourth version of their software.  As times and threats have changed, ESET Smart Security has continued to upgrade their services.

In version 4, they have something called “Smarter Scanner.”  Smarter Scanner (inside of ESET Smart Security) looks at any communication coming through an SSL-encrypted channel (for example HTTPS and POP3S), and scans through everything, even compressed files, to seek out anything that could be hidden or lurking that would potentially cause harm to your computer.

ESET also has a feature they call Smart Optimization.  Basically, this is the part of ESET that we’re most exicted about.  It makes sure you’re safe without annoying the you-know-what out of you while you wait for it to do its job.  This will, of course, depend a lot on the speed of your computer, but generally speaking ESET Smart Security is one of the strongest products when it comes to fast scanning of files.

Things you may not have thought about that ESET Smart Security is thinking about on your behalf:

  • Removable Media.  You have a thumb drive.  It goes to your work computer, and comes home to your home computer.  Are you transporting things unintentionally on that USB thumb drive?  Are you using a thumb drive you got as a freebie at a conference or found lying around somewhere? ESET Smart Security scans the files which run whenever you plug in a USB drive.  This means that when you plug in your USB drive, ESET Smart Security will perform a full-scan of the media, as well as any file from the USB drive whenever you open it.
  • ESET Smart Security also has built-in tools which will let you create a rescue CD/DVD/USB backup.  In case you have an infected computer from some unknown source, you will have a backup of everything on your computer.
  • One other nice feature (though ESET Smart Security has other great features as well) is that it has an energy saver mode.  This will extend the battery life of your laptop (while you have ESET running), while still maintaining strong security on your computer.

Overall, if you’re wanting a strong security program, ESET Smart Security is a program you’ll want to review for yourself.

Get a 25% off coupon for a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security