ESET Security’s Product Coupons: Codes on Eset For Home and Small Office

Get a 25% off coupon for a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security

The programs and security systems you select should work to protect you, but they shouldn’t cause you to be annoyed.

ESET Security has gotten that balance between protection and annoyance right.

Their code works on millions of computers around the world, protecting users while keeping their computer use fun and fast.

Eset has a couple of security products.  Their more basic security product is called NOD32, and the more advanced and complete suite is known as Eset Smart Security.

The security products marketed by ESET’s really work for all sizes of enterprises.  On their web site, you can see their appeal to a wide variety of customers. They have examples and testimonials from home users and small businesses to much larger corporations.

One of the things about ESET antivirus software that impressed us is its speed and lightness in terms of the amount of memory required.  Eset antivirus only uses up to 48MBs of memory. This means that if you’re going to be substituting out Eset in place of whatever antivirus you’re using now, you may find your computer generally runs more quickly.

We also like that ESET has a small and user-friendly interface and is easy to set up quickly.

Finally, ESET has free support for it’s customers.  More that just an online user manual and FAQ, as well as a forum for ESET users, they also offer support for customers via email and telephone.

ESET uses what they call ThreatSense® technology.  This is marketing hyperbole, but what it essentially creates is multiple layers of possibilities for finding and going after the threats posed to your computer.  The layered approach to protection is used by many security companies, and is generally regarded as the most effective way to defend your computer, while preventing your security software from falsely identifying a program or file that you wanted to keep.

Eset Awards from their web site:

•ESET has the most Virus Bulletin VB100% Awards (63) for its ability to detect “In-the-Wild” viruses. In fact ESET is the only product that has not missed an In-the-Wild virus in VB tests for over 10 years

•ESET is a consistent top-performer in AV-Comparatives Proactive Detection tests

•ESET was named “Best Antivirus Product” for 2006 and 2007 and “Best Proactive on-demand Detection” and “Best Overall Performance” in AV-Comparatives, an independent testing organization.


Get a 25% off coupon for a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security