Entensys UserGate Internet security

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Entensys Usergate lets you set up a proxy and firewall, and control all aspects of your local system environment.

This gives you the ability to control what happens on the local network as the user or admin for your network.

Entensys Usergate also lets you protect your network from viruses and malware.

No big deal or surprise there.

However, there are some of the things that make Entensys a bit different when it comes to Internet Security.

We’ll talk more about the proxy and firewall in a separate post, but today we want to highlight Usergate’s options for Internet Security.

UserGate gives you the ability to incorporate layers within layers of protection.  By this we mean that you can actually protect your network using two entirely separate antivirus engines.

Your local network must have protection against malware as it rapidly spreads across the Internet.  Viruses, worms, and Trojans are sometimes overlooked or underestimated.

However, if you underestimate this threat, and you are the one responsible for securing your computer network, the consequences for business can be devastating.

For example, even though businesses know the importance of protecting customer data, many tens of thousands of companies have been hacked, leading to the loss of over 1 billion unique pieces of data (1/6 of the world’s population).

So how do you know which antivirus application you should use on the computers within your network?

Well, the UserGate set up eliminates the primary source of threats.  This means that you won’t need to buy some antivirus software.  Any standard version will be just fine, once you have things set up so that UserGate is fully operational on your network.

But it is still a good idea to have diversified virus databases and definitions for your network.

This is why the layers within layers approach to Internet Security provided by UserGate gives you excellent piece of mind for your network.

You can install both Kaspersky and Panda from within UserGate you can choose to use either one.

If you’re familiar with Kaspersky or Panda, you know that they already have layered security built into their software.

However, the extra benefit of UserGate is that you can run both programs simultaneously to make sure that UserGate is updated with virus definitions that supplement each other.  You can even add an additional antivirus vendor if you want to have something to deal with removable media on employee’s workstations.

All inbound traffic, as well as all outbound traffic within POP3,HTTP, SMTP, and FTP are checked.

Increasing the security of your network, UserGate also has a built-in firewall to guard your network against intrusions.

Get Entensys UserGate Internet security: