Downloading free keylogger software: Are keyloggers illegal?

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My friends and I were having a debate about whether or not it’s legal to download and run a keylogger software on your own computer  I know it’s illegal to keylog if you’re doing it on someone else’s computer, but what about using a keylogger to track what someone else does on your computer? Are keyloggers illegal if they’re being used on your own computer?

Well, before we get into answering what is legal and what’s not when it comes to keyloggers, let’s talk about what keyloggers are and what they do.

Keylogging software  (AKA “a keylogger”) works in the background to silently record whatever’s happening on a computer.  Depending on which  keylogger you download, you’ll get varying degrees of information.  Some of the more robust keyloggers will track more than just keystrokes.  They can also track all text typed in chat conversations, the chat program used, websites visited and what words were typed in on those websites, what has been printed, what files have been uploaded or downloaded from the internet, what files on the computer have been shared, changed, accessed, and a lot more information.

There is a millisecond difference that you barely notice between you hitting a key and the character actually appearing on your computer screen. Generally speaking, keyloggers sit in that free space between when you hit keystrokes and when those letters/characters appear on your computer screen.

Before the key you typed is visible on your screen, the keylogging program has tracked what key was pressed and tied it in with a snapshot of whatever is taking place on the computer at the time the key is pressed.

The recorded keys are then sent along into a recording (or “log”) of keys, and strung together to create something which will make sense to the person who installed the keylogger on the computer.

Because there is so little time (fractions of seconds) involved in that process, it becomes difficult for an end user to spot keylogging software when it’s in use on a computer.

So, is it illegal to download and install keylogger software?

The answer is No.

That is to say, keylogging and keylogger software is legal.

There are some very legitimate reasons for keyloggers and keylogging software, which we’ll cover in our next article.

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