Download a Key Logger for Free: All-In-One Keylogger

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This article assumes that you are using a keylogger for legitimate purposes…

Key logger programs are available for download all over the Internet.Want to download a free key logger?  Think again.

One of the biggest problems of downloading a free key logger; how do you know if the company that invented that program isn’t also tracking everything you type in, so that they can later use it against you?

The company is giving you something for free… so how do you know that they aren’t expecting to be able to steal/share the information collected by their software?

Downloading a 100% free keylogger isn’t a good idea.

Compare that to All In One Keylogger.

AllinOne Keylogger has a free download, so you can try for free before decide if you want to buy.

If you do decide to buy all one keylogger, the pay version of their software is not expensive.

It allows you to track:

  • Text that is typed in chat conversations,
  • Websites visited and what words were typed in on those websites,
  • Print records (what files have been sent to the printer)
  • Files uploaded or downloaded from the internet,
  • Files on the computer that have been changed, used, or shared,
  • A lot more

The nice things about downloading all-in-one keylogger vs. some other free key logger programs:

  • You know there is a real company behind the program you’ve downloaded
  • You can try before you buy to see if you like All-In-One Keylogger’s interface
  • The information you collect using All-in-One Keylogger is stored on the machine you install the software on.  If the information goes anywhere else, it will be because of you, not because the keylogger program steals it from you.
  • The information collected by All-In-One keylogger, as well as the interface, is comprehensive.

If you are looking to download a keylogger for free, we recommend taking a look at All-in-One keylogger.

Get the free trial of their software.

Learn more about all in one key logger

Download a free trial of all in one key logger – direct link to software download

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  1. Identity theft has become a major, major problem! And living without protection is like living in a crime infested neighborhood and not having protection on your home. You would probably at least have a really good guard dog and a fence right? Well, not protecting your identity today is the equivalent of living in that neighborhood and refusing to even lock your door. It’s so sad that it’s come to this, but there are always tradeoffs in life. Because we want better medical coverage and a nicer car we pay more to protect and insure them.
    Likewise, with something as amazing as the World Wide Web there come tradeoffs also. One tradeoff for us having access to almost everything is that others have access to almost everything about us, our information. And that includes our personal information like social security numbers, banking information and even your medical and criminal history.
    Luckily there is a lot of information out to help us understand and protect ourselves from these heartless criminals.

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