Do You Have “TrustedID” Service? TrustedID Review And Promo Code

TrustedID is a credit monitoring service that does online and TV/Radio promotions around their guarantee to provide one million dollars of identity theft insurance, the ability to limit who sees your credit report, review who has seen your credit report (i.e. is it being reviewed by people you trust), and it also gives you free search engine searches, to determine if your social security number has been compromised. If you would like to have these protections, you may want to take a look at TrustedID, which markets themselves as a different kind of consumer credit protection service.
TrustedID is one of many credit monitoring, identity theft protection companies available to consumers that is available independently and not through one of the three major credit reporting agencies of TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. It is located in Redwood City, CA and you may visit their website or call 1.888.548.7878 for additional information regarding their company.
TrustedID’s credit monitoring service has been featured in such publications as Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. Its services have also been featured online at and CNBC. It is recognized by the Identity Theft Resource Center.

As of Jan. 2008, the price for this service was discounted from its regular price of 154.95 to 104.95 for a yearly subscription, providing the subscriber with a $50.00/year savings (Use Promo Code). Subscribers may also purchase the services of TrustedID on a short term basis for $12.95 a month, with the subscription ending upon non payment or cancellation.
TrustedID’s service utilizes the new “credit freeze” laws which, as of November 2007, have been enacted in all 50 states. These laws allow consumers to place a “freeze” or block on their credit information. By freezing their credit information, no new credit may be obtained in their name unless a freeze is thawed – the appropriate term is lifted- by the consumer themselves through a series of security questions and features.
The service provided by TrustedID is aptly named, “IDFreeze.” The features for this service include:
– credit card monitoring; so that you are informed if there has been any activity that may indicate your credit card information may have been compromised;
– removal of your name from marketing databases for pre-approved credit card offers, which are sent based on information provided by the three credit reporting agencies and are considered the leading cause of identity theft;
– automatic yearly credit report from all three credit reporting agencies;
– personal attention by an identity theft specialist via email or telephone;
– “Lender Double-check,” credit lenders must obtain your approval by telephone before taking any action that can affect your credit; this is done through a “note” issued to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian;
– $1,000,000 identity theft insurance through AIG and Lloyd’s of London; and
– “CreditLock,” a service by which consumers direct and prohibit the release of their information to third parties without their express permission (i.e. only to those whom they’ve entrusted with that information), and which also includes the requirement of an additional step by consumers to release their credit information prior to applying for any credit.
The premise behind this type of credit monitoring is simple. Your credit information is protected before anything happens. The three major credit reporting agencies notify you when and if something occurs on your report. You receive alerts when new credit is opened; when your credit report is viewed; or when you have negative information posted to your report. In a statement by Scott Mitic, founder of TrustedID; “The credit bureaus are in the business of selling your data,” {and} “Consumer information is the new gold standard. We want to put the power back in the consumer’s hands.” (As reported in an interview with Trusted ID attempts a more proactive approach: instead of consumers waiting to hear that something has happened to their credit information, the information is not available, nor can it be made available, unless the consumer specifically requests that the information be released or that new credit be opened in their name, to a business whom they trust.
This is a bit of a misnomer on the part of TrustedID, since all of our information is already housed in databases outside of the three credit bureaus, but it’s at least one step toward protecting your information.
In addition to its credit monitoring/consumer protection services, TrustedID also assists corporations and small businesses with data security breaches and lobbies Congress for stricter rules regarding who can access an individual’s personal and credit information. TrustedID also provides, via the TrustedID website, a link to the Identity Theft Resource Center, as well as their own in-site versin, which offers facts and information. Their site also offers “StolenID Search,” which is a tool developed by Trusted ID that allows individuals to search by social security number or credit card number to see if their information has been compromised particularly by corporate database security breaches. Videos of consumers who have been victims may be viewed online and there is also a section on frequently asked questions.
If you feel that your credit information is too readily available, and that you should have more control over when and who it is viewed by, Trusted ID may be the service for you. The current cost is less than those offered by TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and the insurance benefits are substantially higher, according to Trusted ID, because they are so sure that their service can protect you, that ID theft insurance will not be needed if you utilize their service.
From our review of the code on TrustedID’s site, it takes approximately 5 minutes to register for this service.
If you are interested in additional information about TrustedID, their corporate products, or if you wish to purchase this service at a $45 discount (using TrustedID promo code), then visit TrustedID online.

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