Did you post on your Facebook or Twitter page “Please rob me?”

What shouldn’t you tweet tweet on your Twitter account? Find out why.

Many of us have been told over and over again, “Be careful what you put on your social media pages;” “Don’t share too much information,” and “Limit names, addresses and places to private messages if you are using social media and networking sites to stay in touch with your friends and family.”
We have talked about why, in “Is it Really Myspace?” and highlighted some of the many scams on Facebook and Twitter in “Facebook, Twitter and Me: Under Attack by Scams and Phishing” and now bring you the most recent “leak” of information from your Twitter account.
It seems harmless enough right? You post, “I’ll tweet more ltr off to …” but did you know that there are people out there monitoring your tweets? Not only aware of them, but sharing your information that you have left your home.
Pleaserobme.com is a website that randomly selects Twitter users and posts those that announce that they are not at home. Here’s a sample from their homepage.


They say that they are trying to educate people about the pitfalls of sharing this information. Maybe that is true. But anyone can see this page and with a little research find out who and where the tweeter lives. Many people even use their own names on Twitter.
Consider this …. Lovelyeyes09 tweets, “out of here going to run errands.” You simply go to your Twitter account, find out who Lovely eyes is, use google to look up the address and off you go with your mask, gloves and bags in hand. (Do thieves really carry a bag to put things in?)
Having your house broken into is not the only problem with sharing this information. Maybe someone follows you to your location (grocery store, dry cleaners, car repair) to do you harm from theft to rape. Maybe you are gone but you left other family members at home. This puts them at risk too.
The moral to this story is, be careful what you put out there. You may think your settings are private but really the Internet is just one great big billboard to the world. Make sure that you don’t end up advertising to the wrong people.
For more information on staying safe online, these helpful suggestions by the FTC for Tweens and Teens can serve as a refresher course for adults.