Cyberpatrol Promo Code: Cyber Control Parental Controls

Save 10% on CyberPatrol Parental Controls with this Promo Code

“I appreciate CyberPatrol more than you know! One of the reasons is because I can block specific bad web sites that are aimed at my teenage sons.”

So said a big fan of CyberPatrol.

And hey, as a parent, you should be concerned about what your children are able to access on the Internet. Realizing that you won’t be able to control everything they see, you can take steps to make sure that, at least in your own home, they are following the code of ethics you want them to follow.

Now, this post is really just to talk about the 10% off Promo Code we’ve been able to get for Cyberpatrol Parental Controls, but here are a few key factors you may want to know before going off to purchase CyberPatrol Parental Controls.

CyberPatrol lets you add a lot of amazing functionality to any PC, but here are a few things you’ll be able to do when you download CyberPatrol.

You’ll be able to get an in-depth reporting about the activity on your computer, including what websites were visited out there in cyberspace and how long those pages were visited

In Windows, you will be able to have many different access levels based on different users, and you can base this on the names you’ve already got set up in Windows XP/Vista

Prevent future access to sites you don’t want people looking at

Prevent future access to certain games, or any other programs (think IM/Chat or personal finance programs you may have

Block specific words that are known to be used in conversations with predators and Cyber Bullies.

Of course you can’t prevent all harm from coming to your children, but you can enforce a code of conduct in your house by using a program like CyberPatrol.

And this promo code makes it easier for you to give CyberPatrol Parental Controls a shot in your home.

Save 10% on CyberPatrol Parental Controls with this Promo Code

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