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Have a few suspicions about whether or not someone you know is a criminal? has over a billion answers.
Today’s world is a very transient society. We’re just not likely to have known all of the people that enter our own world for all of our lives. We’re not likely to know everyone going back three generations. When it comes to people entering our neighborhoods, our children’s activities, our aging parents circles, our businesses or even on a real personal level, sometimes our inner voices whisper concerns in our ears. Many of us have learned to listen to those little nagging feelings. But what can you do that will be confidential and not cost a fortune or take up a lot of time? When you have lingering questions, has answers.

Sure, some areas offer free access to criminal records on-line but that only works if the person has lived for all their life in one area or else you have a life long list of addresses. With you can start with a first and last name (a middle initial helps even more) and a state (an approximate age is also helpful). From there, you can access records nationwide. makes it so easy. You can search criminal records in the privacy of your own home and get answers instantly. No courthouse records searches, no hiring private investigators, no embarrassing “noisy” questions and no exhausting on-line searches that leave you wondering what you’ve missed.
Becky was concerned about someone who kept showing up and “volunteering” with children’s activities in her neighborhood. He wasn’t a paid employee so there wasn’t an application to be evaluated. Becky’s husband was concerned too but he didn’t want Becky to be “asking around” and “stirring things up.” Still, she couldn’t ignore her mother’s intuition. When Becky found it was a very affordable easy to use answer and her husband approved whole-heartedly. Becky’s concerns were answered instantly and privately. is the fastest search engine of all we’ve tested for instantly accessing detailed, printable reports that may include:
*Felonies, Misdemeanors & Sex Offenses
*Police Records
*20 years address history and phone numbers
*Comprehensive background check
*National arrests
*Court Warrants
*Tax Liens
*Civil Judgments
You may also use services to search for:
*Distinguishing Bodily Marks
*Relatives with Addresses
*Roommates, Neighbors and/or Associates
*Comprehensive Background Check
*Age/Date of Birth
*Maiden Name
*Property Ownership
*Marriages or Divorce records
*Death Index
With all transactions are ONE-TIME only. You can enjoy Premium – Unlimited Criminal Searches for 1 Month for only $39.95. A Basic – One Time Criminal Report is $19.95 or you can add Unlimited People Search and Reports for $9.95. offers a 100% guarantee and No-Hit No-Charge Policy guarantees that if your query yields no result we will not charge your account. Facts and Figures:
• Over 15,000 visitors each month
* Updated daily
* Over 600 new records weekly
* Public records on file: 1,247,528,873
* Database photographs on file: 1,592,733
You can replace those nagging feelings in your heart and questioning voices in your head with answers today from an extensive database of both private and public records at
Search & find: NATIONWIDE ARREST & POLICE records – instant lookup.
Search & find: INSTANT BACKGROUND REPORT on anyone in the US.
Search & find: CRIMINAL HISTORY and CRIMINAL REPORT with details.
Search & find: BUSINESS INFORMATION and RECORDS with lookup tools.
Search & find: Instantly search professional INVESTIGATIVE databases.
Search & find: CIVIL COURT records and resources with our lookup.
Search & find: Fast and Easy search for BANKRUPTCY records reports.

It’s simple. Just start using the search on our site..
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