Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

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A true image of your hard drive stored somewhere in your home?  Yep.  And by image, we don’t mean picture.

Unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us.

In an effort to keep home PC’s clean or secure, files are accidentally deleted.

Sometimes, viruses corrupt files.

And sometimes, disks fail.

In the process, cherished memories are destroyed when people lose pictures.

Music files, often paid for, are lost.

Personal accounting and business financial data becomes unrecoverable.

This is why we always talk about having a backup that protects your data.

One of our favorite ways to do this is with Acronis True Image Home 2011.

There’s a free trial available as well.

With Acronis True Image Home (they have an Acronis server version as well), you can back up data locally, but they also have online backups of your data as well.

Backup your home PC and build a recovery plan for everything.

Using Acronis True Image Home 2011 lets you recover files quickly if you have any issues (either physical break-ins or damage in your home (from a fire for example), or data loss due to viruses or faulty equipment). Acronis True Image Home has an intelligent UI (User interface), which lets you see, in a very simple way, what you’ll be doing to back up your home PC.

With Acronis’s Software, True Image Home, you can easily create copies of your hard drive.

And Acronis doesn’t interrupt your other computer activity in order to do these backups for you.  This means that you can continue to work while your home PC is backing up files.  If you set Acronis to backup frequently, and set it up as a mirror drive, all you have to do is recover a slightly earlier version of it, already stored and saved for you.

One thing we really like about Acronis True Image Home’s 2011 version is that it works for all levels of users.  If you’re the most basic beginner to computer backups, you’ll find their programs helpful and easy to use.  If you are a more advanced user, you will find that Acronis has built some great features into True Image Home.

Save $20 on Acronis True Image Home with Acronis AcroPack