Comprehensive Anti Spyware Protection with Outstanding Customer Service

STOPzilla offers superior, all-around protections with a completely rebuilt Anti-Spyware engine. If you are looking for new ways of identity theft protection, especially protection from all the ways your personal computer can be attacked or even used to invade your privacy, then this software may be for you.

What are some of STOPzilla’s features?
– It stops pop-ups, phishing, hijackers, keyloggers, Trojans, Bots, dialers and more.
– It kills Adware, Spyware and Malware.
-It erases cookies and histories.
This is especially helpful protection, while providing an additional layer of privacy, especially if anyone else ever uses your computer. (Who knows what the babysitter does after the children are in bed?)
One of the most annoying aspects of using the Internet are “pop ups,” advertisements that appear on your screen uninvited and in some cases remain long after you clicked your mouse on the close button. The especially annoying ones continue to give you several chances to not miss out on this “special one time offer.” STOPzilla’s Pop-up blocker is so advanced it stops and destroys all advertising pop-ups but allows for pop-ups you’ve chosen
like the ones from your bank or e-mail! How does STOPzilla know the difference from annoying pop-ups and legitimate ones? With special technology developed specifically to filter the “junk mail” before it appears on your screen without special program and granting of access with ever visit to a website. Now, that’s smart technology.
Computer Shopper magazine boasts “There is no better tool for roasting pop-ups!”
Additional important features of this software include:
True Real-Time Protection: STOPzilla’s True Real-Time protection detects, stops and quarantines known and potential Spyware threats before they can attack. It begins working to protect you from the moment you turn on your computer.
ZILLAsmart Technology: This “technology” automatically checks for updates on a daily basis.
Simple to Use: Listen to other users of this software. You will consistently hear that it is user friendly. STOPzilla offers a convenient ‘console’ for users to be able to access all major settings, tools and features. This technology
was designed to work effectively regardless of the users’ level of expertise. Users can depend on the convenient built-in default settings or advanced users can configure in their own protection details.
Many programs but offer some of these features but STOPzilla offers thorough protection. Laptop Magazine says, “As pop-ups and adware programs find new ways to hijack your computer, it’s become increasingly difficult to find one tool that does everything… STOPzilla is a one-stop answer to hostile ad software.”
One of the most important features offered by STOPzilla is unlimited, free, support for customers through e-mail, live chat or even toll-free calls. This is top of the line customer support. Compare it to many other programs and you’ll see this company has superior customer service options even though you probably won’t ever need them.
Have you ever searched and searched from page to page on a site to try to find a phone number for customer support? And then make the call only to spend too much time with voice mail and automated services? Do you want to talk to a human being? STOPzilla actually gives you a toll-free number right on the top of their web site pages. What’s even better, in test checks we were able to call the number, choose tech support from the menu and speak to a friendly human being is less than one minute! That’s awesome.
How can you get the identity theft protection, spyware protection and pop-blocker from STOPzilla? One year subscriptions are $19.95 and life-time subscriptions are $39.95. You can even try it free for 15 days.
STOPzilla has earned top ratings of 5 Stars by, File Cart, Five Star Files and Geek Files. They’ve also been chosen for the CNet Editor’s Choice Award and Laptop Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award.
It’s easy to join the over 10 million users worldwide have relied on STOPzilla’s award-winning technology that can protect you from threats to your computer and the risks of identity theft. It is also easy to see why these 10 million customers have chosen this software as their personal computer protection software and service.

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