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Finding information about an individual’s personal life and wheareabouts used to be next to impossible. Even something as simple as verification of birthdates required a special visit to a government office or a trip to the hospital where the birth occurred. There were few other avenues available, and the necessary work to confirm these records led many to abandon the goal alltogether.

Times have changed and we now have the internet to help find information such as birth records, marriage records, death verifications, etc. Several web services provide this type of information and one that many will find very helpful is This online service provides personal information that can be very beneficial for use in background checks by concerned citizens. Not only can one inquire on marriage status, place of birth, etc., but also provides legal background checks. This service informs you if an individual has declared bankruptcy, had a legal judgement against him/her, or has a court record of any kind.
The way works is simple. You start by inputting the first and last name of the individual you wish to search, followed by the state of residence. These fields are required and can not be left blank. If you know more information, like the city of residence, the middle initial, and/or the approximate age, these also can be entered and they can help to narrow down the search results. Once you have confirmed the person you are searching for, it is only a matter of confirming that you agree with the terms of service and then selecting a service option, which presently inlcudes an instant records check or a one- year unlimited search pass.
Cindy is concerned that her present boyfriend may already be married. She is also concerned that he isn’t financially responsible and may have a summary judgment against him. She has pressed him for answers, but isn’t completely sure he is telling the truth. What could he be hiding?
Jim wants to know if a co- worker in his office, Mike, has a criminal past. He has been working with Mike for years, but has some concerns and suspects Mike isn’t telling the truth about his personal history. What if there is something criminal in Mike’s record?
These are both valid concerns- one from the perspective of an individual citizen and another from the perspective of a business. With, a report is generated that utilizes information such as:
 Nationwide and State Criminal Records
 Federal and State Inmate Search
 Over 300 Million Criminal Files
 Address History and Property Records
 Sex Offender Database
 Arrests, Convictions, Misdemeanors, Felonies and DUI’s
 Neighbors and Relatives
 Marital Status and Aliases
 Death Index and Date of Birth
 Phone Numbers doesn’t offer a free preview report, like some other sites. You can lookup names and locate someone, but you cannot preview an actual report without selecting one of the services and making a purchase. The cost of this service is presently set at $29.95 for an Instant Record Check, but customers can add $9.95 to this price and receive unlimited reports for a full year. There are no hidden charges and you are never billed again. contains over one billion records. It offers unrestricted access to all of your search results; instant lookup and criminal reports; cross database searches; data from both public and private sources; and excellent customer support. The search function is user- friendly and very intuitive.
Finding court records and other personal data for individuals used to take so much time and effort, it often wasn’t worth the trouble. But with, finding the truth is fast and efficient. It provides answers to many pressing questions without the hassle associated with making special trips to different government agencies.