Citibank Identity Theft Commercials

Someone posted these online, so I thought I would share with you here.
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In my opinion, Citibank’s product won’t protect your identity (their protection won’t charge you to protect your own cards through CIti, but it doesn’t help with your credit identity, your social security identity, your medical identity, etc., unless you pay extra). However, their marketing department is really, really brilliant.
Don’t take my word for it with regard to their “Identity Theft” service, check it out for yourself. If you think that the Citi Identity Theft plan is a complete solution for Identity Theft, then it is recommended that you really understand what you’re getting.
But please, do enjoy the Identity Theft videos, courtesy Citi marketing.
Someone added the Citibank “Stirrup Pants” video to the comments below, so I’ve added it to the post on Identity Theft Commercials.
If you have the other Citibank Identity Theft Commercials available, let me know and I will post them here as well.
Stirrup PantsBetween YouTube and Google Video, I’ve managed to get the rest of the Citibank Identity Theft videos for display here. If I’m missing one, please let me know.
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The old Lady Cleaning her pool. Redneck purchases everything for free!First I needed to power-up my old babemagnet … There’s enouch Larry for everyoneHoney, Bikini season is coming … Liposuck my saddlebagsHi …. child.$1500 for a leather Bustier? It’s not like I’m paying for it.

Citibank Identity Theft commercial with Darrel P. Bodybuilder auditions for American idol

A Statue of David…But with his Underpants On- Identity Theft Commercial

She left her card at the cafe’, and Voila! I’m off to Las Vegas

Hacker Geek – My Girl Robot…This is going to be the best PROM ever.

And finally, Stephen Colbert’s Tips for Protecting Your Online Identity

6 thoughts on “Citibank Identity Theft Commercials”

  1. Identity fraud will continue to grow because we rely on signatures despite of knowing that in the event of crime they would not even expose person’s gender.
    To make signature reliable we should apply ID sticker (small sticker with person’s photo and name printed on it) to the document and countersign.
    Fraudsters can misuse victim’s personal details but not their unique appearance (true identity or visible biometric)
    Current signature system is like passports without photos and that is why it is so difficult to deter and prosecute fraudsters. Personalised signature will make all transactions concluded with signatures reliable with minimal effort, cost and delay.
    Soon fraud crimes will be a thing of past once ID KEY system described on website which will make signature and PIN number systems reliable is implemented.
    *Why would fraudsters get tempted to misuse our personal details when they know that in the event of crime we will know who they are if we personalise signatures with ID stickers? Personalised signature system will be very effective in deterring use of fake and forged documents.
    *Why would fraudsters get tempted to skim our cards and pick our PIN numbers if card key code saved on ID KEY is required to activate ATMs?

  2. I think it’s up to individuals to make sure that they aren’t doing stupid things. For example, if you lose your credit card, don’t wait a few days before reporting it, hoping you’ll find it in the car, just report it lost and in 5 – 7 days you’ll have a new one. Don’t answer suspicious emails, or click on the links in them. There are quite a few tips in an article I read recently, They seemed like better ideas than keeping your wallet in your front pocket instead of the back!

  3. Their identity theft commercials are great!
    Oh man it’s a riot I was laughing to hard I didn’t even know what the commercial was for, but whatever company does their commercials is excellent!

  4. If you had lost you credit card their is no worry . Because our identity theft lawyer gives you proper attention . They find new solution all this like we should have to paste snaps on their card because if they are trying to use it then they couldn’t hide their identity.

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