CIS Nationwide: Be Your Own Private Investigator Complete Investigation Services (CIS) is a recognized and trusted online records information provider which lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. Get the data from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently right to your screen.
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Find out how anyone can find out about you — and more importantly — how you can find out about anyone. CIS Nationwide used by private investigators on a variety of tasks and reasons offers services to consumers. Save yourself some time and money and do your public records search yourself.

Consumers have a variety of reasons for wanting to find out more about other people. These may range from just plain curiosity (about a new boyfriend, significant other, new person in your life) to a need to find out information regarding a potential tenant or employee.
CIS Nationwide has provided public records for years. They gather information from thousands of both public and private sources that can be delivered right to your computer screen quickly. This service has over 32 different online products including and complete searches ranging from a basic people search to comprehensive criminal and background reports.
CIS offers direct one-time searches, unlimited searches and comprehensive background checks as well unique services such as reverse phone number checks.
Direct Search information from CIS may be obtained for:
*Bankruptcy Records
*Birth Records
*Business Records
*Comprehensive Background
*Court Records
* Criminal Records
* Death Index
* Email search
* Federal Records
* Legal/Civil Judgments
* Marriage/Divorce
*People Search
*Property Records
*Relatives search
*Reverse Cell Phone search
*Reverse Landline Phone search
*Reverse IP search
*Sex Offender Search
*SSN Validation search
*Warrant search.
Note that CIS does NOT disclose social security numbers but can only verify accuracy.
In addition to direct searches, CIS Nationwide offers a comprehensive background report. Availability of information may vary so CIS lets customers know that these are examples of information that MAY be available in Comprehensive Background Report:
*State Criminal Check
*Nationwide Criminal Check
*Marital Status
*Phone Numbers
*Birth date
*Address History
*Neighbors’ Names
*Neighborhood Info
*Sex Offender Check
*Possible Deceased Records
*Relatives and Associates
*Property Information
*Liens, Bankruptcies, and Judgments
You have to be a U.S. citizen 18 years of age or older to use CIS National services. Consumers can only use this service for the reasons stated above and CIS states that services MAY NOT be used for the following reasons:
* To locate people to develop a news story.
* For purposes that might cause physical or emotional harm to the subject of the report.
* For individuals involved in an adoption.
* To gain information on well-known/high-profile celebrities or government officials.
* To determine a consumer’s eligibility for (a) credit or insurance for personal, family, or household purposes; or (b) a government license or benefit.
* For purposes that are not within your stated normal course of business.
* For pre-employment or tenant screening.
* Due to various inaccuracies in public records, our services should not be used for skip tracing purposes.
CIS wants their services to only be used for lawful purposes, which may include:
*Fraud prevention
*Asset verification
*Location of criminals, witnesses, beneficiaries or heirs
*Research for debt collection
*Child support enforcement
*Compliance with federal, state or local laws or regulations
Price Information for CIS services:
An example of costs for CIS Nationwide services based on their web page includes:
People Searches $4.95
Unlimited checks $9.95
Background Checks for one person $14.95
These services are currently available with a one time billing fee. However, they also offer a membership, a sort of, pay as you go system where your membership fee is used as needed to conduct the searches you request. When your membership fee fund is exhausted, will then automatically renew your membership with the credit card number on file. Consumers should not that it is important anytime you sign up for a “membership” for any product, be sure to cancel when you are finished using the service or watch your “balance” if you want to continue using the service but want to be sure you are not billed for additional services.
Note: If you have been a victim of identity theft, you can take advantage of the CIS Opt Out policy.
The Opt Out Policy for is as follows:
Opt Out Policy
An individual may request opt-out if one of these conditions exists: You are a state, local or federal law enforcement officer or public official and your position exposes you to a threat of death or serious bodily harm; or you are a victim of identity theft; or you are at risk of physical harm; or you have evidence the record is incorrect or expunged.
To opt-out, submit the following information: A written explanation of the reason for removal request; and all request must include:
Full Name and Date of Birth
Alias names, if any
Current address
Previous addresses
Phone number
Email address
Specific details of records you are requesting not be disclosed.
Include a print out of the records you wish to have suppressed.
Copies of any applicable court orders, if any.
Send a signed request and accompanying documentation to:
Opt Out Compliance Dept.
Toll-Free Fax: 1-877-471-6992
Private investigators use If you need to do some private investigating on your own, CSI offers fast answers right to your computer. Of course, there are many good and lawful reasons to use such a service and it is important to heed the user agreement and use it only for purposes that CIS services state are acceptable, for their protection and your own. Complete Investigation Services (CIS) is a recognized and trusted online records information provider which lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you are looking for. Get the data from thousands of sources, public and private, quickly and conveniently right to your screen.
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  1. dr stuart l. davidson

    I am a registered member of “” which was part of CIS.My username:2004, Password:1000 and my Access Code: T82GXPS9. I had not used the service since I changed my email address whch My new email address is: I still have a search credit with “Clickbank” from 2006. I have been trying to reach you people to activate my account for at least two to three years to no avail. You stated you would “look into it” but never contacted me. I used your service successfully in the past but cannot seem to reach you to correct my situation. I waould sincerely appreciate your return regarding this problem. Thank you. S.L.Davidson,DDS

  2. I am an Australian Resident. registered earlier this to do some searches on a person in Australia. I was not able to because I could only get U.S. zip codes. I contacted you to get a refund as I am unable to do the searches I need, and there was no indication on your site that this is an American only sight. Can you please tell me what to do about a refund, it is very difficult to contact you and feel that i’ve been scammed by you!

  3. Please tell me how I can contact CIS Nationwide for a refund. There product does not work. thank you.

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