Cell Phone Identity Theft

So what’s the big deal if someone steals your cell phone? Just get a new cell phone and all is well, right?
Well, not really. A cell phone can be an incredible resource for resourceful thief.
Well, recently, and email has been sent around talking about a woman who has changed her habits regarding the way she lists names in her cell phone.
The reason?
Her purse was stolen, which contained her phone, credit cards, driver’s license, etc.

She called her husband, from a pay phone, telling him what had happened. Her husband said, I got your text asking about our pin number and replied a little while ago.”
When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them the money in their checking account had been drained. The pickpocket had actually used the stolen cell phone to text “hubby” in the contact list. Then, the thief got the reply with the pin number. Within 20 minutes, the thief had withdrawn all the money from the account.
One of the morals here: Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your cell phone contact list. Avoid using names like: Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc.
And very importantly, when sensitive info, such as a pin number, is being requested thru a text message, CONFIRM their request by calling them back.
Also, when you’re being text messaged by friends or family – to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came from them.
One final point…
Some banks let you set the daily withdrawl limits on your ATM/Debit cards. If you set a max of $500, then more than $500 can not be withdrawn in a single day. If you lose things frequently, or if you’re concerned that someone might be able to get a hold of the information that is contained on your debit card and steal your PIN number, then it’s a good idea to call your bank and lower the daily withdrawl limit.
Feel free to send this page to family and friends. This is probably something they should know about, if they’ve not thought about it already.
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  5. Wones Says:


  6. vivian Says:

    What about someone able to get your password on your cell(to change Metro phone service)and dont say it’s not possible,my x”s new wife has done this to me 3 times, twice in one day.
    good thing Metro told me the new number that she transferred it to or my x or nobody would believe me. How does she hack in and get my info