Identity Theft Secrets Videos

Cell Phone Tapping: The Scary Truth about this Techno Crime

Tapping your cell phone. Could your cell phone be tapped without you knowing about it? Consider these questions. Have you ever called your bank and given your social security or credit card or debit card numbers over the phone? Have you ever called a catalog company and placed an order using your debit or credit card? Now imagine someone has been listening to the conversation.

Web Applications And Security: How To Secure Custom Web Applications

Security for web applications? Why do I need to think about security for my web-based apps? Well, whether you’re building it in PHP or Perl, Ajax or ASP, you will likely be collecting the private information of your users. So, whether you’re helping your web-based users use an application for photo sharing, or offering them free web-based classes, you need to have a plan in place so that the security of your web-based application won’t be compromised.

Identity Theft Scam Targets Trusted Institution

phishing was coined described e-mail scams where identity thieves were “fishing” for personal information like names, addresses, birthdates, social security numbers or account numbers. As opposed to the sport where one casts out bait to see what they can catch, spear fishing is sport where a specific fish is targeted for spearing. E-mil spear phishing is a scam that sends out mass phishing e-mails that target a small group of people. . .