Identity Theft Prevention

Identity Theft Around the World

Recent data indicates that identity theft affects national economies around the world. In the United States the FTC reported a loss of approximately $50 billion dollars annually for consumers and businesses. The Home Office of the United Kingdom calculated the cost of identity theft to the British economy at $3.2 billion during the last three years. Estimates from the Australian Centre for Policing Research place the cost of identity theft to individuals in Australia at $3 billion each year. . .

What You Can Get Besides a Job by Posting Your Resume On Line

Online fraud is one of the most common sources of identity theft according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Privacy advocates, Better Business Bureaus and Employment professionals state that job boards are the biggest source of information for identity thieves. While prospective employers maybe looking for a specific profile, so are prospective identity thieves.

Drive By Pharming: Symantec Free Video Shows You What Drive By Pharming is

There’s (yet again) another threat you should really be aware of. It’s called drive-by pharming. Symantec has put together a great video on drive-by pharming, which I’ve posted below, so you don’t really need me to explain to you how drive-by pharming works. But, what you might want to know is how to protect yourself from this new type of drive-by.

Veterans: What You Should Know to Prevent and Recover from Identity Theft

In August 2006, the Veteran’s Administration contacted approximately 16,000 individuals regarding a theft of computer equipment containing veteran;s benefits information. In another instance over 26.5 million social security numbers were stolen when a federal employee’s laptop computer was stolen. How did this information get stolen? Wasn’t it protected by the government somehow?

Sweep your PC Clean of Spyware with Webroot Spyware Sweeper

Webroot Spyware Sweeper does not just remove spyware. It also detects and stops it from entering your hardware and software before it can do damage. It kills spies as they appear, in real time. Through the use of 16 smart shields and stops spyware threats like Trojan, SpySheriff and Downloader-Low Zones, and variations of them. Learn more about Webroot Spyware Sweeper.

SpoofCard Becomes “Untraceable”: SpoofCard and “Caller ID Spoofing” explained

SpoofCard: What is SpoofCard, how does Caller ID Spoofing Work, and how can you protect yourself? Millions of consumers pay extra for the Caller ID as part of their phone service. Believing calls to be a legitimate call and based on the caller ID many individuals would follow the instructions and provide their personal and financial information. With SpoofCard they can disguise their voice and telephone number making it difficult if not impossible to be tracked