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Identity Theft Upgrades to Identity Assumption

The dark and increasingly dangerous world of identity theft is often presented to us as mere personal chaos revolving around fake credit card charges. While this is a valid concern, the emerging dimension of this threat is far more sinister. Today, identity theft has morphed into something far more odious: “identity assumption.” This fast-growing crime …

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Are You a Victim of Mortgage Fraud? Here is What You Can Do

What should you do if you have been a victim of mortgage fraud of any variety? First, report it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. What can consumers do to protect their credit? It is critical to monitor your credit report, receive regular updates, and stay informed. Immediately contact any lenders that provide information on your credit report when you discover pieces of information that are mistakes.

URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

WTF is UP with THIS? Child pornography from a man who is likely an Identity thief. A Portland, Oregon man, identified as 33-year-old Andrew Kowalczyk, was arrested at a Puyallup motel on Dec. 27 on suspicion of forgery and identity theft. Police said they believe he lived in the motel room and used his computer and other equipment to forge documents. According to authorities, Kowalczyk has an extensive criminal history that includes assault and threatening others with a gun. Kowalczyk was booked into the Pierce County Jail