Bots: Friend or Foe to Your Personal Computer? Norton’s AntiBot Protects You

Symantec Norton’s AntiBot is a software product designed to prevent the hijacking of one’s personal computer by bots: which can be a type of malware that allows a hacker to take control of several computers at a time, effectively turning them into “robots” that accept commands from the computer hacker and work to spread bots to more and more computers. This type of computer virus can then be used to spread spam and commit various types of identity theft and other online fraud.
Several tools exist to protect against the threat posed by bots and some of them are already part of most personal computers. However, with increased use of the internet for online shopping, ticket purchases, travel and other “high risk” activities setting the security protection level at medium high or high, although one easy step to take in the war against bots, may not be the most effective.

Another way to protect against bots is by installing antibot software like Symantec Norton AntiBot, designed by one of the oldest and most efficient computer protection companies in the world. With this software, protection against bots is enhanced several times and the threat of bot attack is greatly diminished. Symantec Norton AntiBot protects your computer against bots around the clock; blocking bots from entering your computer through downloads and e-mail attachments (two of the common ways bots enter a personal computer), checking for any unusual behavior on your personal computer and eliminating it, detecting malicious bot software at all levels, and stopping identify theft before it occurs.
Because bots operate in the background, many computer users are completely unaware that their personal computer has become infected. Unlike spyware and other, more visible computer problems, bots often go undetected until it is too late. There are some warning signals to watch for, like slowness of computer speed, unusual or irrelevant error messages, etc. But these warning signs are not restrictive enough or bothersome enough to make computer users take notice. Most will continue to use their personal computer each day, completely unaware that bots have hijacked their personal computer and are slowly at work; looking for credit card numbers, passwords, and logon information which can be used for identity theft and in committing other types of online crime. Symantec Norton AntiBot scans your personal computer on a continuous basis, closing the gaps that could allow bots to infect your personal computer and better ensuring that bots do not invade and gain control.
The use of Symantec Norton AntiBot does not stop your computer from being able to use those useful bots we all love, like calendars, chats, instant messaging and game playing. This software is specifically designed to be able to determine what a harmful bot is and what a useful bot is. One easily recognizable bot system is that used by AOL Instant Messaging service which allows instant messaging and computer searches at the same time on a variety of subjects. The search takes place in the background and then you are provided with the information.
Symantec Norton AntiBot software can be purchased for $29.95 through a discount link for one year of service. Technical support is available. It has been awarded PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award (2007) and underwent rigorous testing before that achievement that included using AntiBot on computers with existing threats as well as allowing threats to try to access the computer after installation.
Identity theft is a growing problem, and Symantec Norton AntiBot offers the added level of protection needed to combat the threat of bots and prevent them from turning one’s personal computer into a robotic instrument of online fraud.
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