Bodacious babe caused FBI to nail alleged Anonymous hacker

They are nameless, faceless and anonymous.   They are hackers extraordinaire.   Some refer to them as a modern day “Robin Hood” as they steal from the data wealthy and give to the poor.”  Others disagree and say there is nothing heroic about their efforts.   But recently one of them turned “traitor” to stay out of jail and another one was “nailed” by the FBI all thanks to one “bodacious” babe.

Higinio Ochao III, was recently charged as one of the Anonymous, CabinCr3w, that hacked into law enforcement databases, collecting and releasing the names,  addresses and telephone numbers of police officers across the United States.  This could have put a number of law enforcement officials, as well as their families in danger.

This Linux administrator is also being accused of hacking the websites of the Alabama and Texas departments of public safety in February in support of the occupy movement.   This  criminal complaint alleges that Ochoa, who went by the Twitter handle @Anonw0rmer and that while hacking in the County of Houston’s website in Alabama  Agent Scott Jensen says,

“The attacker created fake events on their online calendar, posted images representing Anonymous and CabinCr3w, deleted all the administrator accounts except the one created by the attacker. All of this was accomplished by gaining unauthorized administrator access to the site’s control panel.”

Ochao strongly denies working with the FBI and other law enforcement officials, but seems to have no problem sharing his disdain for their organization and their interrogation techniques.   You can find what appears to be his full statement on PasteBin.

So how did this protestor extraordinaire get busted for hacking?   It’s a tale as old as the Bible.  Some would say it’s a modern day version of Samson and Deliliah.  It’s hard to tell if it was a beautiful woman that caused him to be busted, but law enforcement officials are claiming it to be one great big “bust” based on a bodacious babes boobs.  Yes, that is some of the evidence against Ochao.

Apparently Ochao tooks some pictures of his Australian girlfriend and posted them on his Facebook account, Twitter feed and on his websites.  If you can look past her size to the sign you will see the statement “PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u BiTch’s !” 

The Twitter account directed followers to a website on which they could find more information about the  ”oppression by police departments around the world … EVERY police department is at risk and will remain that way …”  Another featured a picture of a woman with a sign stating ”We Are ALL Anonymous We NEVERForgive. We NEVER Forget. <3 @Anonw0rmer”.

You can not see the woman’s face in any of the photos but that doesn’t stop the FBI, which claims in the affidavit, that the same woman seems to be appearing in all the photos. (Photos available at Daily Mail News)

Most of us aren’t hackers, but we have been warned of the dangers of our location being found as we take, upload and share photos taken from our Smartphones and iPhone.   For most of us the danger of doing so probably won’t lead to an arrest, but for many it could lead to it’s own set of problems.


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