Backblaze Review

Backblaze may be running an offer code right now.
Even if they aren’t, from our review
you simply can’t beat unlimited backups from Backblaze.

Ever since a friend of ours had his home broken into, we’ve been reviewing data backup services. We’ve not only been reviewing them for you though. We’ve also been reviewing data back up plans for ourselves and our family.

Today we are reviewing Backblaze, a company which takes an open source approach to their backup services, while keeping your data and information secure.

In short, our review has been very positive.

The first thing we noticed we needed to talk about in our review was Backblaze’s seemingly contradictory goals. To be a data security company with open source software seems to be somewhat of a conflict.

However, in the new age of information, one of the best ways to be secure is to give everyone equal access to the information and see what can be created by the world.

While realizing this for the software side of their business, Backblaze also recognizes the importance of keeping your data secure.

They seem to understand (as should all data backup companies) the high value your backups hold for you. We feel confident, after reviewing the data centers used by Backblaze, that this is a company you can feel good about.

Their data centers are used by companies like CNet, Esurance, and Sun Micro.

If the data center is good enough for those big companies, you will likely be very pleased with the data center’s ability to store your data securely as well.

So what about the actual workings of Backblaze software?

After reviewing BackBlaze, we found out that it is quite efficient. Backblaze will remove duplicate files. That’s great of course, but looking at your own storage space at Backblaze, what is more important is your ability to access your files quickly.

One way BackBlaze helps to access data quickly is how they compress your data.

Because their software is open source, some very creative features have been added into the software’s functionality. In addition to the compression ability of the software, Backblaze lets your online back up be done incrementally. This makes it as efficient as possible for you to have the data you need when you need it.

One nice thing about the de-duplication of Backblaze is that it’s also smart. If you have the same photo stored in a couple of places and Backblaze has de-duplicated one of your files, once you restore it again, that file will go back into both folders.

And if you are working on a project and making changes, Backblaze will let you restore from a few weeks ago or yesterday.

However, as far as your bandwidth is concerned, Backblaze will only back up the changes you’ve made to the file (making the drain on your bandwidth less).

When you want to restore, you simply pick what data needs to be restored. You can do this at the file level, the folder level, with multiple random files, or by restoring the entire backup.

And if you do need to restore from your backup, you simply download any files you need over the Internet, and of course that’s free (as it should be).

If you decide you want a hard copy of your files, just order your data on DVD for $99 or on USB drive(s) for $189.

Backblaze does some very interesting things for your data, including protecting it before, during, and after the point where it’s stored. An encryption is applied to all files on your computer before they are ever sent. In the sending phase, your data is sent to Backblaze using a connection that is encrypted. Once your data is actually at Backblaze’s servers, it sits there encrypted until you need to access it at some future point. And if you want to make doubly sure that this security holds, then by using your own private key you will add an additional layer over the top of the encryption to make sure you are the ONLY one who will have access to backed up files with Backblaze.

One of our favorite features of Backblaze is simply that it’s unlimited.

Mozy (another backup service) recently announced that they wouldn’t be offering an unlimited plan anymore, just days after we told you about Mozy on this site.

You can get an unlimited plan with Backblaze for the same price as Mozy charges for limited plan.

Both companies are good, but if you need a lot of storage space, you’ll likely want to go with Backblaze to save money.

Backblaze may be running an offer code right now.
Even if they aren’t, from our review
you simply can’t beat unlimited backups from Backblaze.