Babylon Review: Where Can I Get a Free Download of Babylon 9 Software?

A review of Babylon Software is below.

If you just want the download, we posted this link above so you can skip the review.

Free Download of Babylon Software (Trial)
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In our review of the software, we also reviewed the company behind the software.

Babylon Software describes its solutions with the phrase “Translation in a Single Click”. And that’s really the driving force behind what the software and the company does.

It was founded in 1997, with the goal of becoming a top-level provider of translation and dictionary software.

Today, they’ve met that goal and continue to grow their position as one of the major translation software companies in the world.

Babylon uses a database of 1,400 dictionary and language sources in 75 languages. They also draw from their own high-level database of 33 professional dictionaries in 17 languages, which have been cross-referenced and use their in-house linguistic analysis and intelligence experts to show what words mean and how they relate to one another. The languages of this in-house database at Babylon include Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

In addition, Babylon Software is serving the translation needs of some of the largest companies in the world, including working with IBM in the US, Daimler Chrysler in Germany, Ernst and Young in Switzerland, Scania in Brazil, and the Hong Kong Monetary authority (among others)

If Babylon can help provide software solutions for companies as diverse and as large as those names, their software should surely work for home users’ computers.

But does the translation software actually work?

In our review, we found that the software not only works, but that it works quite well.

It is desktop software, so it is something you will need to download and install.

One of our favorite features of Babylon software is the sheer number of reviewed pages online that are available in any language. For example, Wikipedia pages are available in 25 languages.

This means that if there is a Wiki written about a topic you want to know about, but it’s written in a different language, Babylon software can help you to decode the language quickly, and more importantly, accurately.

Our overall review is that Babylon Software is good value for money.

One guy wanted to add some French to a book he was writing (some kind of spy novel taking place in Paris). Though this guy only speaks a little French, he was able to add the dialogue he wanted “with just a few clicks” in the whole text he was writing.

This guy says that his favorite feature was that Babylon worked right from inside of MS word, which let him keep writing without having to go to the Internet to find the translations to create his dialogue.

The software will translate both directions across multiple languages and includes the ability to learn how to pronounce words by hearing them spoken. This is helpful for translation of documents and also is really great when attempting to learn a foreign language.

Spoken aloud conjugation of verbs is also helpful for the aural recall process necessary to really drill the words in so that they become natural for the brain to just know.

Free Download of Babylon Software (Trial)
Go direct to the download page from this review through the link below: