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Is APMEX secure to buy Silver Coins?

Anibal sent us an email with a question about Apmex:

This is my first time to buy silver coins from APMEX.
I would like to know if APMEX is a true, secure, reliable company to buy those silver coins.
I did buy some silver coins from and they send me coins. But their prices are a little more expensive than APMEX.
Please, help me.
Thank you so much.


Hi Anibal,

My experience with APMEX has been very good. I’ve talked with people from their company, and they even invited me to come to Oklahoma and see their vaults. I haven’t gone yet, but plan to sometime in 2011 or possibly early 2012.

The link below will take you through to Apmex. recommends buying silver and gold through Apmex as well.

Hope that’s helpful for you! Please let me know how your experience goes with ordering from Apmex. Would be good to know your experience.

10 Tech Secrets Kids Hide From Parents

After I write an article on my blog I try to find sites that might be interested in hearing about the article to see if they would be willing to share it with their followers. Accordingly, I recently wrote an article called ” 10 Technology Secrets Kids Keep from their Parents” located here:

It would be great if you could share this with others if you feel that it would be of interest to them especially those that follow your site.

Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

Premise: You’re Already Investing, You just don’t know it.

Before you read this article, please note… I am a guest poster on identityTheftSecrets. The views and opinions I am about to express may or may not reflect those of the owners of this site. I am not a financial advisor or an attorney.

All decisions you make are yours and yours alone. I am going to state what I see now, and what I see coming in the next couple of years. While I have done extensive research on both gold buying and identity theft, your investment and gold buying (or non-investment and/or non-gold buying) decisions are yours and yours alone. Having read this article does not constitute professional advice in any way. Buy whatever you think is best (gold, silver, copper, neodymium, europium, oil, stock, cows, whatever… based on what you decide is right. Just whatever you do, have an educated opinion based on real information). Continue reading Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

How to Spot a Fake: Gold, Silver, and Dealers

With prices of gold and silver on the rise, it’s important to remember basic strategies in spotting fakes to prevent getting swindled.  Even good dealers can mistakes, so it’s up to you, the receiving party, to verify the coin or bar’s authenticity.

Here is how to spot fake gold and silver.

Real Gold

The easiest (though not always the most accurate) way to tell real gold from fakes is by its color.  Gold has a dull golden sheen while those alloyed with copper and silver tend to have a reddish tint.

Gold is also surprisingly heavy.  It is in fact much heavier than silver, lead, and tungsten (which are some of the metals used in making counterfeits).  After gaining some experience, you’ll find that fake gold coins will often weigh as little as half the amount of real gold.

Just because a piece of gold looks right doesn’t mean it is pure gold.  Oftentimes, fakes will have a coating of gold to fool the buyer.  Because destructive methods in which you scratch the gold is undesirable, you may consider investing in a tool called a Fisch.  A Fisch has the standard coin shape, thickness, and diameter built into its plastic body and uses a simple balancing mechanism to see if there is enough weight within the physical parameters to be authentic gold.  It works on many types of coins, including American Eagle, Maple Leaf, and British Sovereign. Continue reading How to Spot a Fake: Gold, Silver, and Dealers

SPAM from Kelvin Betchman Investment:,,

Any email which comes with three email addresses is probably not to be trusted.

Aside from that, there are so many flags in this message as SPAM that it’s not even worth pointing them out.

DO NOT respond to this message.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Kelvin Betchman Investment
Date: 2011/4/29
Subject: We await your urgent reply

Dear Friend,
This is a Management Placement on behalf of a customer Mr. Kim Woo Chuan.
Our client needs to urgently relocate his funds due to the economic crises and
he is looking for an experienced business person or company that can receive
and profitably invest the money in excess of Thirty Nine Million US Dollars
($39,000000.00 USD) outside Asia.
Most importantly, you will be required to:
[1]. Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.
[2]. Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.
[3]. Invest/Manage the funds profitably.
The Client is willing to pay 20% for your role as the beneficiary partner to the
funds when the money is confirmed at your designated bank account. Also, a
subsequent 15% as “Management Commission” will be paid for your advised
investment services. If you prefer to be re-contacted for more express information,
please send your response to
We expect your correspondence and our response will be swift.

Best Regards,
Mr. Frank Duveneck
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited.


Gold Dust SCAM from Grace Makumba –

Please, please please. We’re begging you.

If you want to buy gold, please do it through a reputable organization.

Two reputable places we recommend if you want to buy gold:
GoldMoney (set up an account)

Or get more educated about buying gold at

Please don’t fall for this SCAM about gold dust. As the price of gold and silver continue to increase, more and more of these gold scams are creeping up. Don’t be a victim. Buy gold through reputable companies instead.
Here’s the scam email.


From: Grace Makumba
Date: Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 5:28 AM
Subject: Dear sir,

Dear sir,
MY Name is Mrs GRACE MAKUMBA the wife of late Chief K. MAKUMBA the
former village chief where there are Gold field here in Ghana.
My late husband died last year November, but before his death he has
260 kilos of gold dust in his position as the village chief.
after his death nothing has left with my children, i therefore decided
to contact you so that you will fly down to Ghana to enable us meet
face to face and reach an Agreement, then after our meeting you will
help me to ship the gold into your country for sales.
then after selling the commodities you will use the money to assist
our family to invest it in any profitable business.
if you are interested do contact me immediately for more details.
Mrs Grace Makumba


Don’t fall for it.

Two reputable places we recommend if you want to buy gold:
GoldMoney (set up an account)

Or get more educated about buying gold at

Spam from Lisa Candy – Lottery SPAM (

This is SPAM. If you receive this email from or any other email address, simply delete it. It is SPAM.


from Ms. Lisa Candy

11 Wall Street New York,
NY 10005 USA.

Attn: winner,

Be informed that You have just won a lottery cheque of $1,000,000.00 USD From world international lottery office new york city united state of America as Online Promo award 2011. Bellow required for claim.

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Your Serial Number: S/N-0085568 together with Reference Number: BTL/663OXI/10.Therefore you have officially emerged as the winner, for further information, kindly confirm the receipt of this mail by forwarding your personal Details as stated to our claims officer.

Name: Victor Sandiford
Address: Brooklyn New York 11210 USA
Office: 646 808 0148

Ms. Lisa Candy

Sonic Coupon Code

Save 10% on Sonic/Roxio products with the Coupon Code below:

Coupon Codes are available for lots of Sonic Software that you might want to download.

You can see above that there is a blanket 10% savings.

That coupon code from Sonic/Roxio will save you 10% on Sonic’s Roxio products.

Just to help you understand (because I was quite confused when I started looking at this), Roxio is actually a part of a company called Sonic Solutions.

But Roxio software (and the services they offer as well) have been well-recognized as some of the top products in the digital media space for over 10 years. Roxio’s primary successes have come through two major and well known pieces of software.

Those are called Creator and Toast.

Roxio Creator and Sonic Toast (that sounds funny) are pieces of software which give you the ability to manipulate and used any digital media on both Mac-based and Windows based systems.

Sonic/Roxio have a huge distribution network for selling their products and services around the planet, or you can just go directly to or to get the software you’re looking for.

The point of this post today isn’t really so much to talk about Sonic/Roxio as just to let you know about the coupon code available for Sonic’s software.

So, before you download from Sonic, make sure to use the code in the link below so that you can save on any of their software or services.

Save 10% on Sonic/Roxio products with the Coupon Code below:

Roxio VHS to DVD Review and Software Download

Download Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter Software
Save $10 right now on Easy VHS to DVD from Roxio through the link below:


So you’ve got a bunch of old VHS tapes, right?

Or maybe you even happened across a bunch of VHS tapes at a garage sale and bought them all for $5 or less, thinking that there had to be some software you could download (or some other way) to convert the VHS tapes from VHS to DVD.

Well, there is.

It’s with a software from a company called Roxio who makes a program called Easy VHS to DVD.
Continue reading Roxio VHS to DVD Review and Software Download

Smith Micro Coupons

Smith Micro Coupons are below, if you want to skip directly to them.

Smith Micro is known for developing, marketing, and supporting some well-known software.

Some of this software was originally developed by other companies who have been acquired by Smith Micro over the years.

Included in Smith Micro’s arsenal of software are programs like RapidWeaver, StuffIT Video Link Pro, HotFax, and Smith Micro Poser.

However, our post today isn’t really a review of Smith Micro.  Rather, the reason we’ve written this post is simply to share with you some Smith Micro coupons.

You’ll see that these are available for various products and services offered by Smith Micro.

We’ll be back with more product reviews (like the ones we’ve already done for Smith Micro software) as well as company information soon, but for now, you can check out the coupons below.

Spring Cleaning 11 Deluxe for $29.99

$30 off coupon: Smith Micro’s StuffIt Deluxe for Mac

10% off coupon: Mango Studio Debut 4

15% off Coupon: CheckIt Registry Cleaner

Poser 8 Coupon: Trend Micro Poser 8 for just $199

Quickverse Coupon: 30% off Quickverse

Coupon: $40 off on StuffIt Deluxe for Windows

30% off Coupon: Save 30% on Rapid Weaver