Arrested and Charged with Identity Theft Mistakes

We first brought you Former Wells Fargo Employee Arrested: An identity theft ring leader or Victim — a few weeks ago. Find out what has happened since then to this grandmother and former Vice President for Wells Fargo.

When we first reported on “Former Wells Fargo Employee Arrested: An identity theft ring leader or Victim” it was uncertain how her case was going to turn out. What she really an identity theft victim? Or an accomplished scam artist stealing from the bank she once used to work for.
In this video you can hear from her as well as Wells Fargo and the Police Department that arrested her. What has happened? After 2 years of legal battles and over $50,000.00 in expenses trying to clear her name, charges against Margo Somerville have been dropped. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the District Attorney’s office dismissed the charges based on a “lack of evidence.” See for yourself what evidence they had against her and if it convinces you.

Margot Somerville did everything right. She didn’t carry her Social Security Number with her. She reported her cards stolen, as well as her purse. But this still happened to her – a respected member of her community, a former bank president and grandmother. Not only do we need better protection from identity theft, but we need a better understanding of the harm that identity theft does to its victims by law enforcement officials and law makers.
This is not the first case, what about “Identity Theft Lands Pregnant Woman In Jail: An Identity Theft Tragedy” and “But Officer, I’m A Victim of Identity Theft”
Share with us your stories. Have you experienced being a victim and the accused? What do you think can be done to protect victims of identity theft crime?