Are Rewards Cards “Rewarding?”

What are the perks and pitfalls of the Reward Card?

Those little credit cards are only a few inches of plastic and yet they can get us in trouble up to neck. While we’re all looking for the lowest rates possible the ideal plan is to only use credit cards for a balance we can pay in full and avoid paying interest at all. Sometimes credit cards have other perks too and the Rewards Card is just one of those cards. Our family has been using an Rewards Card for a while now and know you can know what are all of the perks and pitfalls of the Reward Card. is of course a mega online retail store where shoppers can find just about anything from books, to toys, to lamps, to movies and just about everything a to z and in between.
The Ins and Outs of an Rewards Card:
The big financial gun, Chase Bank, issues the credit card. It’s a Visa card and has all the rights you’ve come to expect from a Visa card. The interest rate we found was 15%, which is a competitive rate.
The credit card can be used at or for any purchase that would accept Visa. Customers accrue reward points for using the credit card. Purchases made at using the card earn users 3 points per dollar. Other purchases earn users 1 point per dollar. Customers are rewarded with gift certificates. In our case, a $25.00 gift certificate was rewarded for 2,500 points.
The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly:
The good news is that there is no annual fee for an credit card. It’s easy to earn gift certificates and they also offer great incentives for new customers like cash off of your first purchase or 0 interest for 6 months.
The bad news is that users report shoddy customer service if there’s a problem and the really ugly news is that there are huge penalties for late payments. Customer find the website to be user-friendly but Amazon isn’t getting any “rewards” from customers who’ve utilized their customer service by phone. The 15% interest rate can jump to up to 30% if you make a late payment. Also watch out for the over the limit fee which is $35.00. There is a 20-day grace period for the credit card.
Applying for an Rewards Card:
You can get current details as well as an application for a credit card at’s main page. You can apply on line. It’s easy and you can receive an answer in minutes. There is also a toll free number to call if you would rather speak to a live representative, 888-247-4080.
All in all, this rewards card is a good card with many attractive benefits. Users just have to be diligent to never make a late payment but ensure that you are rewarded and not penalized. If you’re already a frequent customer, you can really benefit from this credit card if you’re careful to make payments on time.