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This is an era of ever-increasing government intrusion into people’s lives.

Review the situation today, and think yourself 12 years ago.

Review how old you were.

Review what you thought at the time.

(The year was 1999.)

Now imagine, from a big picture review, that the person you were 12 years ago is being physically patted down by someone “securing you” before you took a flight.

What would you have thought then?

Is this kind of “precaution” (which costs BILLIONS by the way) necessary for the security of all?

I don’t know. But I certainly don’t feel more safe.

99.99% of people in the world are good people. So why are the 99.99% penalized by the actions of .01% of the population?

Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as having said:

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

And people want to give up their freedom so readily. But you’ve got to be vigilant and aware about all potential threats.

If you haven’t read our review about the Firefox extension Firesheep, you might want to check that out to understand what we’re talking about as far as non-government threats.

So, with so many tools to track what we do on the Internet, the question becomes not why you would want to anonymize your actions, but the question becomes why you wouldn’t want to anonymize your actions online.

There are so many reasons to surf a little more anonymously, but dealing with government intrusion into our lives is a big one, and dealing with scammers and thieves is an even bigger one. Using the Internet, your life is an open book. Your interests, hobbies, skills, friends, and information are easily assembled into central repositories.

But you can anonymize your online life.

And Anonymizer Universal makes anonymizing yourself a little more simple than comparable anonymizer programs.

Company Review:
The company that started Internet anonymity, as an industry unto itself, recently introduced an upgraded (and in our opinion an even more improved version) of it’s Anonymizer service. The company is growing and adapting to rapid changes in technology, and even though they are now a 15-year old company, they are still pressing forward and creating new technologies and services.

That speaks volumes to us about long-term planning and thinking, which are the kinds of business you want when you’re talking about protecting your own information..

Product Review:
Anonymizer Universal is fee based. This is fine with us, but it makes some people grumpy. Why? They don’t understand that in order for businesses to grow and improve in our world, they need capital. Capital comes from selling products to people who perceive that you’re providing value to them in exchange for the money they give you

With Anonymizer Universal, that perception of value is exceeded by the reality of value that they actually provide.

Anonymizer Universal is Mac, PC, and iphone/iphone touch compatible. Using Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology, Anonymizer helps to keep your IP address private, and helps to keep you safe online.

Our one warning of this review:

If you are using AVG, it may not work with Anonymizer Universal. Several people have mentioned this, so it is something to be aware of.

If you are looking for software that makes you truly anonymous online, creating an encrypted channel between your PC and the Internet to protect you from online spying, you really should heed the advice of experts and try anonymizer today.

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