Recently I found myself spending way too much time searching and scanning a bunch of different identity theft and information security news sites to get ideas for what to talk about on, and as well as keep up to date myself on what’s going on.
Every few days, I would find myself spending 1-2 hours reading news sites to get great information about identity theft and information security, which isn’t a problem. But once I was on a major news site, I would end up reading everything from the horrors that happen on a regular basis to the offbeat news.
Not the best use of my time.
So I set out to find a way to get all the identity theft and information security news that I scan daily into one place.

To save the unnecessary tech talk, this search brought me to create a personal site that collected all the top headlines from the sites I read-or at least scan-regularly.
These are sites like Schneier on Security, the Truston blog, The Identity Theft Resource Center, The FraudWar Blog, and a whole bunch of others.
It was helpful, but then I realized that if I wanted to share this with you, the Identity Theft Secrets Super Sleuths, I couldn’t.
Mission failed… until…
Through a friend’s help, I found a script that could “aggregate” all the breaking identity theft headlines onto one public site.
This simply means that all the most recent identity theft news and information security stories and blog postings from around the web are now in one place.
This means that you will be able to reference them and stay up to date on what’s going on in the world of information security and Identity Theft.
It’s called “IdentityTheftPress” and I’d like you to check it out.
And more importantly – I want you to use it!
But before you do, I would like your help to spread the word about it…
I obviously want people to use this tool, (It’s absolutely free and there’s nothing you have to sign up for).
So to help get the word out and get more people interested in how this news can affect their lives, here’s what you can do…
1. Visit the new site – I’ll give you the address at the end of this email.
2. If you like the site, please make it your homepage and/or add it to your bookmarks.
2a. If you know what or are, please be sure to “digg” or “stumble” the site using the little icons in the top right corner.
3. If there’s a news website or blog you really think should be on the site, please send me the site address.
(Please keep in mind we’ll only consider identity theft or information security news sites, or frequently updated, credible blogs with traffic)
That’s all… it should take less than 2 minutes of your time and would be extremely valuable to everyone wanting to know how to protect their information.
Right now, as far as I know, myself and a couple other Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists are the only ones who’s using IdentityTheftPress, but so far we’ve all found it’s a great way to get more information, more quickly, so we can keep ourselves and our friends/family/clients informed.
Here’s to getting real knowledge into the world more quickly…
– Jonathan
PS: It’s been amazing to watch Identity Theft trends on this site.
Especially with all of the recent data breach scandals.
It’s also saved me a ton of time!
Go ahead and check it out
Click here to visit – a breaking identity theft and information security news resource!

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