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Are you migrating from one hard drive to another?  Did you know that there are ways to migrate all of your data easily, quickly, and safely?

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So you’ve finally gotten your files cleaned up.

You’ve got all of the right programs working well on your hard drive.

One problem… your hard drive has run out of space.

It’s time to upgrade and migrate to a new hard drive.

Isn’t that just always the way?  Just about the time you get things the way you like them, it’s time to change.

Or maybe you have a friend or client who has asked you to migrate all the files from their old PC to their new PC, and not just the files, but the installed programs and file structure as well.

I’ve migrated files one-by-one, re-installing programs one-by-one.

Not only is it boring and tedious, it’s incredibly time consuming and takes a good degree of attention to migrate files from one computer to another, and re-install all the programs on the new computer.

That’s why I was surprised at myself… in the several migrations I’ve done from one hard drive to another, I’ve never thought about having a program that would actually do the heavy lifting for me.

I’ve just come across Acronis Migrate Easy, and I decided to try out their demo version (You can try it out here)

I’m really happy to have found Acronis to migrate files and installed programs.

Acronis’ migration software makes it simple, cheap, and fast to easily migrate everything from an old hard drive to a new hard drive.

Acronis will migrate:

  • all data
  • operating systems
  • programs
  • settings
  • favorites
  • everything else

Migration with Acronis is literally like taking a snapshot of your old computer’s hard drive and imprinting it on the new hard drive.

Here are some of the features I think are really nice about Acronis Migrate Easy.

Acronis’s code gives you the ability to change hard disks either on an automatic or manual basis.  This means that you can control as much or as little of the migration process as you want.

While installing, Acronis can set things up so that they install a new hard disk drive so that it works like a boot disk.  This means that if you ever decide you need to revert back to your old hard disk, you can simply do that from the boot disk.

Friendly to use:
Click here, choose this, go there.  Simple.  And it looks nice.  Acronis has taken some time to make the user-interface clean and easy-to-use.

Acronis also supports larger sizes of hard disk drives.

180 GB may seem like a lot or a little to you.  It’s actually a HUGE amount of space.  But in a time when “MegaByte” is not discussed, “GigaByte” is a common term and, TerraByte is a term most people know, your data migration software needs to handle large transfers.

If you’re looking to migrate files from one computer to another, we highly recommend you take a look at Acronis Migrate Easy.

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