AARP & Google Team Up to Offer Identity Theft Tips

AARP and Google have teamed up to create 6 videos to help consumers protect themselves from identity theft risks on line. And, you don’t even have to be an AARP member to take advantage of these tips!

AARP and Google have teamed up to create 6 videos to help consumers protect themselves from identity theft risks on line.
Why are these two brands joining hands to offer identity theft protection tips? Each year over 10 million Americans become victims of identity theft. That’s equates to a new identity theft victim every 19 minutes. In fact, identity theft is the number one consumer complaint in America.
AARP is a non-profit membership organization with a mission of helping people over the age of 50 to maintain independence, choice and control in their lives with options that are beneficial and affordable. As more and people over the age of 50 are using the internet, identity theft is a great concern for this age group and AARP wants to help their members protect themselves from this devastating crime.
Google of course is the innovative internet search technology that everyday connects millions around the world with just the information they are searching for on line. Google’s Business Product Manager for Trust and Safety, Shuman Ghosemajumder shares Google’s motivation for joining AARP to create thee videos.
“Record numbers of older Americans are going online to surf the web, connect with family and friends, share photos, and run online businesses. We hope the Online Safety video series will help AARP members keep their online information safe, private, and under their control,” said Ghosemajumder.
Before you can make sure your online activity is safe, first you must secure your computer. The AARP offers these tips:
*Use a firewall and make sure it is turned on. (The video will even show you how.)
*Use antivirus software
*Use antispyware programs
Topics Covered In the AARP & Google Online Safety & Privacy Videos
*setting privacy controls in on line photo sharing sites
*configuring firewalls
*selecting safe and secure passwords
*shopping safely on line
*avoiding phishing scams
Where can you find these videos?
About 20,000 AARP members watched the debut of the video series on internet safety and online privacy at the associations annual member event. Anyone can now view these videos at one of two places, either the AARP web site at or on the Google Privacy Channel on YouTube at
Both sites offer information on privacy and protection beyond the new 6 part video series. On the Google Privacy Channel page there are also videos on:
*What information Google collects when you use their search engine and how they protect it
*why Google keeps logs and what information they record
*steps you can take increase your privacy when searching on line
*information about privacy settings and questions and answers on how products work from engineers and product managers who designed them
In addition to the 6 part series on line safety, the AARP web site also offers more articles and videos on identity theft risks such as pop ups, e-mail scams and on line bidding sites.
While many people who use the internet are aware of YouTube videos, many consumers probably were not aware of the Google Privacy Channel. At the same time, AARP has 40 million members and 33 million readers of their magazine, the AARP Bulletin, but many members may not have taken advantage of their AARP website. This joint venture puts information about on line safety and privacy and identity theft protection right on line where many people work, shop, play and research and presents it in an easy video format that many consumers are already comfortable with.
Many of the risks for identity theft come on line activity. AARP and Google are offering identity theft protection tips that can be accessed right from your computer where the risks begin so that you can put the information to work for you right away.