A Better Phone Carrier That Won’t Charge Me For Charges That Are Not Mine

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The Internet abounds with stories of the cell phone carriers.

Some reviews are positive.  Most are not.

Most people end up feeling that the company they have chosen for their cell phone or their cell phone plan is careless, rude, or just downright evil.

I have an issue with my old cell phone provider right now.

Last October, I was leaving the country for 18 months, I was not under any kind of contract.  So I switched my plan to a low-use mode, and switched to e-statements. It was supposed to cost me just $10/month.  I did not take my phone with me when I left the country, and had NO way of making phone calls other than Skype or calling cards.

Just last month, I received a phone call from a collection agency (which I picked up via Skype).  They say I hey say I owe the cell phone company $450.  However, they have never sent me a bill for it via email or regular mail.   If they did, I never received the bill.  But now, since they have turned it over to collections, they can’t send me the bill.  And because they turned it over to a collection agency (which is how I found out about it), they tell me that they no longer have access to the billing.  Neither does the collection agency.

My guess is that someone, somehow, got a hold of my account or my cell phone, and has fraudulent run up these charges on it.  But since I never received a billing, and because my account was immediately turned over to collections, I have no way to even know that.

I’d be happy to pay my bill, if they would tell me what I’m being billed for.

This is one of the reasons why I’m considering switching to a company whose motto is “No bills. No contracts.  No evil.”

The name of the better, “No evil” company is Net10.  And they have an unlimited cell phone plan, which is actually unlimited.

It’s not just an advertising ploy, the plan is actually without limits.  (But they also have some clever marketing.  Check out this Cute NET10 commercial.

It costs $50/month to get nationwide coverage, and you can talk, text, and use as much data as you want. 

It’s $50/month.

And since the issue with the old cell phone company has gone on my credit report, I might not qualify for a cell phone now with other companies.

So I’m seriously looking at signing up with Net10 when I get back to the states, because Net10 doesn’t do credit checks.

Check out more from this Real NET10 customer.

You can get great phones from Net10, including phones with full QWERT keyboards and cameras. They have name brand phones from companies like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Samsung, and Nokia, and even though we haven’t tested it out for ourselves, reviews online say that Net10 has as good of coverage in most areas as any of the big carriers.

Here’s another comparison to the big carriers. Which I’m thinking at the moment are relatively evil.

Net10 also offer great rates on International long distance as well as offer plans specific to Mexico and Canada so that when you’re traveling outside of, but close to the US, you can still be reached by friends and family at a local number.

Anything sounds better than a company that won’t even send me a bill, call me, or try to reach me, before it turns me over to collections.  However, Net10 sounds like an option I will actually enjoy using, knowing that no matter what I do, my plan costs just $50/month.

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