Stellar Data Recovery Software

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Data loss is like a bad dream where you discover you’ve lost your left arm.

You forget it’s not there, because it always has been.

And then you go to use it, and realize…

“I don’t have my left arm. WHAT? I DON’T have MY LEFT ARM?”

I’ve been there.

I spent months working on a project.

It was a project about an online tool which I wanted to keep secret.

I thought it was such a good idea.

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Ponzi Schemes: Beware of More Mortgage Scams

With the current crisis in the housing market, investing in companies that buy, renovate and sell properties might seem like a moneymaking idea.  There’s no doubt that those return on investment opportunities do exist but it’s an investor beware market.

Someone asking you to invest in buying, renovating and selling properties might seem like a real estate market savvy business person in the current market but then again over 500 victims and $30 million were racked up by what can be really can be called a Ponzi scheme. Continue reading Ponzi Schemes: Beware of More Mortgage Scams

Dragon Dictate Review

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Using Dragon Dictate on your Mac gives you the ability to get much more done. All you have to do is speak (dictate), and Dragon Dictate puts your words right onto the screen.

You might have to take the time to train the software so that it will recognize your voice, but once you do, you’ll be able to add (or remove) text from any document just by speaking.

Dragon Dictate lets you do this as much as three times faster than than typing.

Positives from our review:
Dragon Dictate works well. really.well.

• From the first time you install the software, you’ll likely be very pleased with how well Dragon Dictate can tell what you’re trying to say. They report that they have “accuracy rate of up to 99% right out of the box.” I’m not sure that was 100% true for us, but overall, it has a n extremely high level of accuracy which only improves the more you use Dragon Dictate.
• Because you’re not using your fingers to type (and dictation software doesn’t mis-spell words from it’s dictionary), it’s hard to have typos with Dragon Dictate
• Training is standard in Dragon Dictate. This is basically where you help the computer “learn how you speak so that it can even more accurately see what you’re asking it to do and turn your words into meaningful commands or text. You can also add words to your computer’s version on Dragon Dictate.
• Speak commands (open file, print, etc.) can be done in Dragon Dictate without needing other software to make it work. You can control Mac applications, press any keyboard key combination, or just scroll with your mouse, but using your voice instead.
• The Proofreading Feature will also let you hear any selected text out loud. The voice is a bit computerized, but it really is a nice option to be able to hear what’s been dictated spoken back to you.

Potential negatives (and we’re digging for these) from our review about Dictate:
• You should use an external microphone as the internal microphone on your MAC may not be sufficient. Many users will say that their Macs with internal microphones work well, but if you want the best performance from the Dragon Dictate Software, I would get an external microphone.
• Dragon Dictate, when you first download and install the program, requires you to train the program. If you’re not willing to do this, even with their free trial, then you probably will be less pleased with your results. Everyone’s voices are a little different, and you need to tell Dragon Dictate how to recognize yours.
• Other than those things, our review of Dragon Dictate is really positive.

If software like this is available to average people like you and me, I really wonder what else is out there that I don’t know about.

Used correctly, Dragon Dictate software can save you significant amounts of time, effort, and energy.

This review coupon saves 5% when you download Dragon Dictate.
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PDF Converter Trial

Get the Nuance PDF Converter Free Trial
PDF Converter with simple one-click conversion

If you are looking for a free trial for a PDF converter program, you’ve come to the right place. Often, free trials come and go for this kind of software. I don’t really understand that.

Why isn’t there a company which will just let you trial their software for 7 days or 10 days and then if you like it, (especially if it’s cheap) you’ll buy it and then continue to use it for converting to PDF?

But now I’ve come across Nuance PDF Converter. They do offer a trial of their software and I think you’ll be as pleased to be using it as I have been.

Aside from just being a great piece of converter software, here are some of the features I liked about Nuance’s PDF converter from their trial.

Nuance PDF Converter uses a search feature called “looks like”. This means that if a particular text “looks like” something in the document, you’ll have an easier time finding it. This is great for finding things like
• phone numbers
• e-mail addresses
• street addresses.

Nuance PDF Converter helps you to open PDF Files in your web browser.

Nuance PDF Converter does a great job (at least from the trial) of converting Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. The program even lets you select just a small area to convert into PDF.

Nuance PDF Converter does a great job of combining multiple documents into one PDF. You use something called “Document Assembly Mode”, and it lets you preview what the output PDF will look like. It’s great because it’s drag-and-drop interface lets you trial what the finished PDF will look like before you actually do the conversion.

Those are some of the basics about PDF Converter from Nuance.

If you’re now even more interested to trial the software, use the link below.

Get the Nuance PDF Converter Free Trial
PDF Converter with simple one-click conversion

OmniPage Review: Our Review of Omnipage Pro

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Our review of OmniPage:

Short Review:
If we were to write a short review of our history with OmniPage and OmniPage Pro, that review would go something like this.

• Really good
• super impressed
• mildly disappointed (by support)
• really disappointed (by features)
• regaining confidence (with newer (more recent versions of MoniPage),
• Loving program (with new version)
• confidence restored (with seemingly new support levels for OmniPage and Scan soft/Nuance Products.

Longer Review:

I hate re-doing results of an OCR Scan.

It feels like such a waste of time to scan a contract or other document into the computer just to find out that I practically have to re-format the entire thing just to make it look and work right.

This is one of the things I’ve appreciated about having OmniPage.

Because it is such an accurate program for scans from OCR/for OCR text recognition, I spend WAY less time trying to get documents to look right after I’ve scanned.

That is worth a lot to me in both time and money. Using the latest version of Windows (Windows 7) and Office, OmniPage Pro works great.

Things I really like about the latest version of Omnipage:

The company listened. People wanted changes and Scansoft/Nuance understood what changes were wanted and made them from the last version of OmniPage to this one. I like it when companies review the feedback they are getting before going in to re-design their program.

It takes a detailed approach, a willingness to listen to consumers, and a view that the customer’s voice really does matter.

And I feel like all of those things are true in this latest version of MoniPage Pro.

Also, I have heard one thing from reading reviews that the larger corporate clients really like about OmniPage. This is that with OmniPage’s latest version, it is possible to archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint. It’s a little thing, but I’m sure it saves organizations doing a lot of scanning significant amounts of time.

One of the features I really liked while reviewing OmniPage was that I could edit documents and search through them in multiple formats. That made my life simpler just knowing that the search feature was reviewing documents in all formats (an area where even Microsoft’s search tools still come up short.

I mentioned at the beginning of this review that it seemed such a waste of time to have to re-type scanned images. I also like how having the improved results from scanning with OmniPage actually means that I don’t have to focus so intently to proofread everything all the time.

I’ve even used OmniPage for scanning and converting in German and Spanish on a couple of occasions and got great results there too.

I don’t use most of these formats, and I don’t know how many formats OmniPage will output to, but here’s what they say as far as output formats on their website:

• Amazon® Kindle®
• Microsoft® Word (.doc)
• Microsoft® WordML (.xml)
• Microsoft® Word 2007 (.docx)
• Microsoft® Excel (.xls)
• Microsoft® Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
• Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx)
• Text
• Form data export (.csv)
• Corel® WordPerfect®
• Fillable WordML, InfoPath® and PDF forms
• PDF — image, searchable image, normal and edited
• PDF append — attach content to existing PDF
• PDF with digital signatures
• 128-bit encrypted PDF files
• Tagged PDF files
• XPS — image, searchable image and normal
• XML and open eBook
• Audio file output

If you’re looking for a great program which will do a lot of incredible recognition for scanning, OCR, and voice, Omnipage (and Nuance’s other products) are solutions worth close personal review for yourself. I’ve been pleased using OmniPage and it has gotten better over the years as time and technological requirements and abilities have improved.

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Novastor Coupons: Novabackup Professional and Novabackup Server

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Novastor has quite a few different levels of service, which is nice because there are backup options and help for data protection, no matter whether you’re an individual user or a large corporate environment.

NovaBackup is used by individual users all the way up to some very large corporations.

This is because Novastor has built a great reputation as a company which understands and effectively implements the data protection and backup for all of your important data.

One of the things we like about Novabackup is that it works well.

It’s really frustrating to sign up for some software or service Continue reading Novastor Coupons: Novabackup Professional and Novabackup Server

ACDSee Mac: ACDSee for the Mac OS is FINALLY here.

Get a free trial or download ACDSee Mac Version

Lots of people have been very pleased with the speed and reliability of ACDSee.

ACDSee is a great program for viewing, organizing, editing, and managing photos.

If you are a pro photographer, you likely already know about ACDSee.

The problem with ACDSee (up until now) is that it has not been available for the MAC OS. But now it is.

As a pro photographer working on a Mac, you will likely be very pleased with ACDSee’s latest news.

ACDSee Pro is known for being a lightning fast method to view, organize, and process photos (and other images) with precision and excellence.

Helping your Mac photography workflow move so much more quickly, ACDSee Pro for Mac will let you get more done.

This is especially important on those days after you’ve been out on a long shoot, which you know is the most difficult time of the day to come back and go work, after having been out taking photos all day (or all night).
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Privacy Pro: Best Anonymous Surf Proxy For The Internet?

Privacy Pro Lets you Surf the web anonymously
Free Trial of Privacy Pro Anonymous Surf Software

From a personal security and personal liberty standpoint, many people don’t realize is the implications behind the Internet being a 2-way connection.

Surfing the web gives you the ability to have a window on the world, choosing what you want to see while you surf.

However, in that process, you’re giving your ISP and/or toolbar/browser companies the ability to gather information about who you are and what kinds of information you like to surf.

You don’t have to be doing something illegal or be a professional criminal to want more privacy while surfing the web.

And let’s be clear that wanting to be able to surf the Internet anonymously is okay.

There’s no reason that your Internet Service Provider, Google, Microsoft, the government, or anyone else needs to know everything about your surfing habits or what you look at on the web.

More problematic, however, is that thieves can mask themselves as legitimate businesses or enterprises and collect information about you, the computer, your location, and your operating system

In addition to knowing what kinds of information you like to surf the web and look for, all of this information becomes pieces of a puzzle which can be aggregated into a complete picture of you.
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Tips to avoid charitable contribution scams: Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

Natural and unnatural disasters bring out the best, and unfortunately sometimes the worst in people.   While trying to donate funds to help with the horrible others in times of tragedy many despicable scams, may pop into your email box and more attempting to take advantage of your generosity and support.  Before you make your donation to any organization to assist those affected by the earthquake and tsunami that recently struck Japan be aware of these tips to make sure your money goes where you intend for it to.

You may get approached by a number of organizations through many different channels.  You may get phone calls, emails, or letters. You may even come across fake websites. But no matter how you are approached it is important to do the research before writing that check, and the FBI warns, Continue reading Tips to avoid charitable contribution scams: Japan’s earthquake and tsunami

Pinnacle Studio: Download for Windows 7

Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 + Promo Code
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Using Pinnacle Studio on Windows 7 is a nice experience. While using Pinnacle Studio with Vista, users often found that the processes of Pinnacle Studio were slow or clunky, but it appears that was more a problem of Windows Vista thank Pinnacle Studio.

With Windows 7, Pinnacle Studio seems to work smoothly, run quickly, and create excellent output videos in an easy way, as it always has.

In order to use Pinnacle Studio with your Windows 7 machine, here’s what you should have as a minimum (if you don’t know what any of this is, but you want to get a computer that will work well with Pinnacle Studio, you can print this list or email it to a geeky friend who can help you):

  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
  • Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz required for AVCHD
  • Intel Core2 Quad 2.66 GHz or Intel Core i7 required for AVCHD 1920
  • 1 GB system memory, (but they require that you have 2 GB if you want to do anything with AVCHD
  • A graphics card that is compatible with directX and has 64 MB on board (though you’ll do better with 128 MB or higher. If you want to do HD video or AVCHD, you’ll want 256 or better)
  • A sound card that is compatible with DirectX 9 or newer
  • 3.2 GB of disk space (Remember when 3.2 GB seemed like a lot of space? Now it’s required disk space by just one program, and you can’t even buy a 20 GB hard drive because it’s too small.)
  • A DVD-ROM drive so that you can install Pinnacle Studio from the CD
  • A USB 2.0 port is also ideal

Optional things you can put on your machine to make the performance of Pinnacle Studio inside of Windows 7 even better include: a CD burner so that you can make Video CDs (or Super Video CDs, which are also known as S-VCDs), a DVD burner if you want to create DVDs or AVCHD* discs, and a great sound card with the ability to output surround sound.

So what can you do with Pinnacle Studio on your Windows 7 machine?

You have lots of options, but they include the ability to

  • Import videos and photos from lots of different media and in lots of different formats.
  • Add all kinds of “fun” ness to your video including adding animations and sounds
  • You can turn your original video into a stop-motion video, which creates really fun resulting videos
  • Automatically fix shaky camera syndrome
  • Use preset templates which let you save LOTS of time in creating your videos
  • Lots lots more.

We’re enjoying our trial of Pinnacle Studio on our Windows 7 box and think that you will too.

If you would like to download Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 (and save $139 when you purchase the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Bundle) check out the link below.

Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 + Promo Code
$139 off when downloading Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Bundle for Windows 7