Safe Eyes For Mac: Is there a Mac Version of Safe Eyes Parental Controls?


Your review of Safe Eyes came up on my computer from Google today. You know if there’s a Safe Eyes For Mac?

I’m a PC user, but the ex-wife got a Mac and liked it so much she got a Mac for our 11 year old.

She doesn’t pay much attention to what he’s looking at, but if Safe Eyes or something like this Safe Eyes program exists for a Mac, I’m putting it in his computer.

(The ex is clueless as a parent and things [thinks] a Mac will protect him against everything.)

Ill look forward to the review on your site of the parental controls for parents whose ex-wives got their kids a Mac


Hey Chuck,
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Facebook and Fake Modeling Agencies that Target Teens

Aspiring models and actors may get more than they bargained for if they respond to a Fake Modeling Agency “ad” on Facebook.  Law enforcement officials in the United Kingdom report that fake modeling agencies have been trolling the popular social networking site attempting to get pictures of minors in their underwear. These agencies claim the photos are necessary to determine if they could be a model.  These fake agencies are very convincing, even going so far as to set up websites and use company logos, sometimes even falsely assuming the identity of legitimate modeling agencies, making their solicitation even more believable.

Law enforcement official in the UK warn:

“Do not be fooled by these emails, a reputable modelling agency would never approach you in this way. Do not post pictures online of yourself posing in your underwear and if you are under 18 these photographs may be indecent under UK law.

You have no control when posting photos on the internet where they may end up and they could appear on the internet forever. If you do find yourself in a situation of this nature online you can use the CEOP Report Abuse Button which is now available as an app on Facebook or contact police.”  (Detective Sergeant Ed Jones, from Leicestershire Constabulary’s/UK Press)

The UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center recommends that children’s Facebook page privacy settings should be set to private, or friends only.  I would add that parents should regularly and unexpectedly check their child’s friends pages for those people who are really not so friendly.

Facebook is working with the police and a spokesperson states “The safety of the people who use Facebook is our top priority. Unfortunately there will always be malicious people who try to fool people, both online and offline. Just as you should check if someone ‘scouting’ you in a shopping centre really is a legitimate model agent you should also use the same caution on Facebook.

“We encourage people using Facebook to think carefully before they add a new friend and check that the person is who they claim to be and not to add or accept friend requests from people they don’t know. It’s against Facebook’s rules to use a fake name or operate under a false identity. We provide our users with the tools to report anyone they think is doing this via report links on every page of our site and we strongly recommend their use.”

Parents, a little supervision can go a long way whether it’s helping your child determine whether an email asking them to be an extra in the latest Twilight Saga , warning them about online sextortion or advising them about the latest online Facebook, Twitter or MySpace scams.

What is your best advice for keeping your children safe online?

Webwatcher Discount Code

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Later on next week, we’ll be detailing our experience using Webwatcher.

We will let you know (after downloading WebWatcher), if it truly works as well as people say it does.

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Cyberpatrol Promo Code: Cyber Control Parental Controls

Save 10% on CyberPatrol Parental Controls with this Promo Code

“I appreciate CyberPatrol more than you know! One of the reasons is because I can block specific bad web sites that are aimed at my teenage sons.”

So said a big fan of CyberPatrol.

And hey, as a parent, you should be concerned about what your children are able to access on the Internet. Realizing that you won’t be able to control everything they see, you can take steps to make sure that, at least in your own home, they are following the code of ethics you want them to follow.

Now, this post is really just to talk about the 10% off Promo Code we’ve been able to get for Cyberpatrol Parental Controls, but here are a few key factors you may want to know before going off to purchase CyberPatrol Parental Controls.

CyberPatrol lets you add a lot of amazing functionality to any PC, but here are a few things you’ll be able to do when you download CyberPatrol.

You’ll be able to get an in-depth reporting about the activity on your computer, including what websites were visited out there in cyberspace and how long those pages were visited

In Windows, you will be able to have many different access levels based on different users, and you can base this on the names you’ve already got set up in Windows XP/Vista

Prevent future access to sites you don’t want people looking at

Prevent future access to certain games, or any other programs (think IM/Chat or personal finance programs you may have

Block specific words that are known to be used in conversations with predators and Cyber Bullies.

Of course you can’t prevent all harm from coming to your children, but you can enforce a code of conduct in your house by using a program like CyberPatrol.

And this promo code makes it easier for you to give CyberPatrol Parental Controls a shot in your home.

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Stop Zilla Review: $30 Rebate Code and StopZilla’s free registration key?

StopZilla markets itself as Antispyware made easy.

There are lots of places online you can go to get free registration codes and keys for StopZilla, but it may be a bit of a case of buyer beware (even if you’re just getting StopZilla for free.).

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and many of these sites where you would get the code will install scamware with the key.  Read on to see more of our review about StopZilla itself.

Note: if you’re not looking to read a review of StopZilla and just want free trial download or code for a discount, clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)
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Logitech WiLife Online: And Digital Video Security Camera System Review

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This is a review of Logitech WiLife Digital Video Security, as well as the Logitech WiLife Online setup.

Logitech has created a home video security camera system which is, for the most part, plug-and play.  Setting up Logitech’s WiLife Digital Video Security Camera System doesn’t take a lot of technical know-how or expertise with setting up security or security cameras.

Logitech does exaggerate a bit when they say that it will  only take 15 minutes to set up the WiLife Digital Video Security system.   It will probably take you at least an hour because you’ll need to unpack the system and the cameras, get the software set up on your computer, and find places to put the various pieces of camera equipment you’ve purchased.

One nice thing about how the WiLife system works is that you can add on components over time,  So if you find additional areas where you want additional cameras, WiLife makes that pretty easy.

You probably can also get cheaper systems than WiLife, but if you’re looking for something that’s easy to integrate and gives you online access to your cameras, you’ll be pretty hard pressed to find something cheaper that works as well.  WiLife is a great system for anyone, but in particular people who just want their security set up to be really simple.

Purchase options:

Logitech WiLife has a few different starter kits and packages.  They are pretty much identical, and the biggest difference between them is the kind of camera you end up getting.

The three packages are:

  • Wilife hidden camera system
  • WiLife outdoor camera system starter kit
  • WiLife indoor camera starter kit

WiLife Set up

Why WiLife is a favorite security system for many people is because setting it up is simple.

As we’ve already eluded to, set up involves installing the software, plugging the camera(s) in, connecting it up using a USB adapter from the outlet and on your computer, and then just small changes in the system which you can do from your computer.

What is better about Logitch WiLife’s recording and camera system vs. other home camera systems:

  • Most spy cams that are commercially available today broadcast to a TV.  This means that in order to record or watch the video later, you need a TV/VCR or recordable DVR hooked up to your camera.
  • Buying different pieces of computer and video equipment and attempting to figure out how to connect all the pieces together is a bit challenging.  WiLife’s system is designed from the ground up to be simple and to connect to itself.
  • Some cameras used for covert recording are self-contained, meaning they don’t broadcast the video, but instead record the video to SD cards internally.  While this can be a good option for remote video recording, you get pretty limited on how much recording can be done.  You’ll also need to  manually remove the card and delete the camera recordings to free up space for more recording.
  • Most “wireless” cameras work on WiFi wireless connections.  This is great, but if you don’t have a wireless connection or if you’re concerned about the security of your footage being online, wifi video broadcasting isn’t necessarily the best option.  WiLife’s recording transmits the video footage through the electrical wiring already in place in your home or office.

Included in WiLife’s system is a website where you can view your camera online.

Overall, people are very happy with their Logitech WiLife camera systems.  However, here are some improvements that people have suggested for Logitech WiLife:

  • Wilife cameras only work on PCs (not macs )
  • Some aspects of the WiLife set up seem to confuse some people (but it is pretty simple, even for rank beginners)
  • Some features of WiLife are limited to the “platinum” version of the software.  Some people who don’t want to pay the minimal $80/year for Logitech Wilife’s Platinum service online have complained that these features are shown, but not useable, in the less expensive version of the program.
  • Some people have said that the camera is a great security option, but that you shouldn’t be expecting a high-quality, high resolution image from your video.  That makes sense for a security video system in this price range, but there are also many people who have said how pleased they are with the quality of the images they get from their WiLife video system.  The camera also gives you lots of options for recording quality, so perhaps the people unhappy with the quality didn’t try out the different settings on their cameras.
  • The camera isn’t 100% wireless. Because the camera requires a power outlet and transmits the video over the home or office electrical network, the camera needs to be close to a power outlet or extension cords need to be run.

Overall, WiLife video camera system users seem quite pleased with the results they’ve gotten from using Logitech’s WiLife system.

An additional nice feature:

It is possible to have the system contact you either via text message or via email if certain kinds of events take place, which is a really powerful feature as well.

Overall Review:
Logitech’s WiLife Video Security systems offer some affordable, user-friendly, and quite useful security applications for anyone looking to install security cameras and have online access to them.

WiLife is a good and affordable option (especially with the $80/year platinum service) for anyone looking at simple solutions for home video security camera systems.

From Logitech’s Marketing Materials:

Discreetly monitor your home and business with the Logitech Spy Video Security Master System, a revolutionary video security system you can install in 15 minutes.

Your spy camera is a fully functional digital clock.

  • Fits in with home or office decor
  • Easy to use command center software
  • Email and cell phone alerts
  • Motion-based recording
  • No network required
  • Remote viewing by PC and phone or PDA

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Iolo System Mechanic Coupon Code

Iolo System Mechanic Pro
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Does your PC take more time to start up than it did in the past?

Is your computer slower when opening files, connecting to the Internet, and even when starting up?

Over time, most systems slow down.

It happens naturally that as you use your computer, the things you’re doing are leaving behind random files, conflicting files in your computer’s registry, and drives which end up fragmented.

All of these things will slow down the performance of your computer system.

It’s kind of like when you drive your car for longer than you should between oil changes, or like taking it out for a spin on some muddy roads.

After your drive, you’d wash your car.

Every three months, you should have a mechanic change the oil on your car.

It’s a little different with your car, but not all that different.

You should have a “mechanic” for your computer.

Enter System Mechanic Professional from Iolo.

Iolo’s latest version of this award-winning software combines a full version of System Mechanic, full antivirus and firewall protection, data recovery (restore lost or deleted files), and military-standard drive scrubbing, to make sure the files you want deleted are gone forever.

The idea of having a mechanic for your car is to keep your car running like new.  Iolo System Mechanic is designed to keep your computer running at it’s top performance level.

Iolo’s automatic maintenance, which is built into System Mechanic 9, offers you an automated way to keep your system performing optimally at all times.

We do like Iolo’s search and recover (built into System Mechanic) which is a data recovery tool that works to get back deleted files that weren’t deleted on purpose.

This includes:

  • Music,
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Emails

And Iolo System Mechanic Pro can find these files on hard drives, memory storage cards, and portable devices.

If you are looking to have a program to keep your computer “tuned up”, take a look at Iolo System Mechanic Pro.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro
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Logitech Free Shipping and Coupon Codes

Good deal for those looking to buy some Logitech equipment.  We’ve just received word that Logitech has some limited supply scratch ‘n dent Logitech boxes (not even the equipment is scratched… just the display boxes got a little beat up).

This means that if you are looking for a discount or coupon for a couple of Logitech items, this is a good chance to go and get it.

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