X10 promos, coupons, and discount codes: X10 Codes for 2011 Savings

X10 Codes for BIG savings
I remember back in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

I would get these emails from a company called X10 security cameras.

They would always have some crazy deal on a camera or security system, and I remember visiting their site to see what the heck was going on.

Turns out, they were all legitimate deals, even though they seemed to be a bit gimmicky at the time.

But really, X10’s code (or company motto) was to make their money through small margins, but on high volume.

And it worked.

14 years later (has it really been that long?) X10 is still here, selling their cameras and security systems and going stronger than ever.

So today, in honor of the X10 code (small margins, big volume) which has allowed them to stay in business regardless of the economy, and in order to pass along these coupon codes to you, we’re sharing some of X10’s latest deals and promos.

If you want home security options, check out this promotion code which lets you save 70% on a home security system (limited time and limited quantities on this one):

Check out this 58% promo code for the Socialite LCD TV Remote for Facebook

Look at X10’s Home Security Camera with PC/Internet Monitoring (i.e. watch what’s going on where your camera is from anywhere on the Internet)

Congratulations to X10.com for being online now going on 15 years.

We hope you’ll see fit to take advantage of one of these promos they have going on.

From X10.com:

When you buy from X10.com through one of our promos or coupon codes, you get more than the lowest price and best product selection available in the security, surveillance and home automation organizations on the Web today.

With over than 30 years in business and online since 1996, X10 is both a manufacturer and Web retailer. Whether you are a huge company, a one-person small business or a family, you will find we deliver the lowest prices on the very best merchandise of its kind available on the Web

Quite a few companies play shell games with shipping. They give you a low price then rack up the shipping and “handling” costs to hide the true price of the product from you. At X10.com, you will always be aware of the true price of your order and all other product specifics before you use your credit card.

Bottom line: we include free shipping to U.S. addresses for every order over $50. Plus most orders ship out within two business days provided there are no problems with your billing address or credit card. Last, we provide you with a link so that you can track your order the minute it leaves our warehouse until it hits your doorway.

X10 Codes for BIG savings

How to Watch TV While Traveling Abroad: VPN’s

VPN WorldWide

Lets you watch TV while traveling abroad

We don’t watch much TV. In fact if I hadn’t gotten hooked on watching The Office, and now on watching Glee, I don’t think I would have watched any kind of TV (regularly) in the past year and a half. As it is, I’ve seen nearly every episode of The Office, and nearly every episode of Glee.  (Combined total for 5 seasons of The Office and 3 seasons of Glee might be 75 hours total viewing time in the last 3 years.)  They’re both great escape shows from the lotsa’ working we’ve been doing here in Auckland (during the day at the Auckland Council, and at night working on our online business).

When we left the US in October 2009, we kept our NetFlix subscription thinking that it would be good to be able to watch movies while traveling abroad.

But Netflix doesn’t work if it detects you are trying to watch TV online from outside the US.

Hulu doesn’t work if it detects you are trying to watch TV from outside the US.

Netflix is even smart enough to figure out if you’re trying to watch through a proxy server.

So we canceled Netflix.  We feel like we should be able to watch TV online, no matter what country we’re in, but the copyright issues are complex at the moment.

We definitely understand that were it up to Netflix, they would enable everyone with a paying subscription to watch from whenever and wherever.

As it is, we now look for and watch the television shows we can find on various websites online.

But that comes with it’s own challenges.

How do you know

  • the show/episode is labeled right? (i.e. the episode you click on isn’t the one you end up watching)
  • the program is not going to cut out in the middle of you watching?
  • if the site you’re on, which is involved in helping people download television shows, isn’t also going to put something you don’t want on your computer in the process?

And the answer is that you don’t know.

And this is where VPN’s have come in.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be set up to let you surf through a connection that’s as though you were in the US or UK, while traveling abroad.

This allows you to

  • access Google in China (without Chinese censorship),
  • unblock Skype (in countries that aren’t Skype friendly), and
  • watch TV as though you were sitting in the United States/England/etc.

I’ve recently has a good chat with the owner of VPNWorldWide, who has pointed out some other benefits of using VPNWorldWide’s services (below).

In any case, if you’re a traveler and having trouble watching TV on the Internet while traveling/living abroad, you might want to look into a VPN service like VPN Worldwide.

Open disclaimer: the link to VPN Worldwide is an affiliate link.  If you decide to sign up for VPN’s service, there is the potential that we will be paid for referring you.

We are referring you though because we think this is a good service for watching TV while traveling abroad.

Advantages of VPN Worldwide Service
Unrestricted access  lets you bypass your ISP’s internet restrictions.

Unblock Skype and make cheaper calls
Many mobile network operators block or limit the VoIP internet calls on their Edge or 3G mobile internet connections.  They do this so that their customers will use their phone service for these calls instead.  With VPNWorldwide, you can make VoIP/Skype internet calls on Edge or 3G mobile internet connections.

Data Protection
VPN Worldwide encrypts surfing activity on unprotected public Wi-Fi HotSpots.
It protects your personal data like passwords, card numbers, etc. from being stolen by password sniffers at these Wi-Fi HotSpots like Airports, Hotels, Coffeeshops, etc.

Anonymous Internet Surfing
Every internet service provider is able to monitor what you do on the internet. An ISP is also able to create and store log records about your internet activity. If you don’t trust your internet service provider, you may be afraid about their abuse of these records. With VPN Worldwide you don’t need to be afraid about these log records by non-trusted internet service providers. You simply connect to our VPN servers in the USA or Europe using our secure encrypted tunnel and nobody between you and our servers will be able to monitor your internet activity. Everything is masked as a regular connection.

High Speed Internet and Unlimited Bandwidth
As long as your connection speed is good, VPN Worldwide’s connection will be great for you and doesn’t have bandwidth restrictions.  Great for intensive video streaming!

UK Connections
Watch BBC iPlayer and other TV outside the UK with VPNWorldwide’s UK VPN server.

Watch shows on HULU, Netflix, and YouTube!
Some websites like hulu.com are only accessible to residents in the United States of America. But, thanks to VPN Worldwide you can still access these websites and watch all U.S. Television shows and episodes wherever you are.

Chatting on MSN, Yahoo, Aim, ICQ!
If you are annoyed that you are unable to use chat programs like the popular MSN Messenger and Yahoo!, VPN Worldwide fixes that issue

American or Euro IP Everywhere
Get your own American or European public IP every time you connect to the internet.  VPN Worldwide hides your original IP address and while online, you can appear to be surfing like someone in America or the EU.

P2P (Peer-to-peer) data sharing clients
You can be ACTIVE on the P2P data sharing networks even if you are physically behind a NAT firewall.  With VPN Worldwide you will be able to download data from all P2P users in the world.

No Hidden Charges or Setup Fees ($9.99 per month)
At VPN Worldwide they charge no Setup Fees and absolutely guarantee there are no hidden charges. Buy the 1 month, 3 month or 6 month package and get all the support and information to set up, and be satisfied with, your VPN Worldwide account.

And that has been How to Watch TV while traveling abroad

VPN WorldWide
Lets you watch TV while traveling abroad


ESET Smart Security: Review and 25% off Coupon

Get a 25% off coupon for a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is a comprehensive and well-built software which includes antispam and a firewall, as well as antivirus and antispyware.

Before we get into this product review for ESET, a quick note on firewalls first.

80%+ of people in the world are still using Windows-based machines, and it’s important to not have 2 firewalls running at the same time.  It will eat up your system’s resources and the softwares may actually conflict with one another.  Continue reading ESET Smart Security: Review and 25% off Coupon

Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

Save $20 on Acronis True Image Home with Acronis AcroPack Coupon Code

A true image of your hard drive stored somewhere in your home?  Yep.  And by image, we don’t mean picture.

Unfortunately, it happens to even the best of us.

In an effort to keep home PC’s clean or secure, files are accidentally deleted.

Sometimes, viruses corrupt files.

And sometimes, disks fail.

In the process, cherished memories are destroyed when people lose pictures. Continue reading Acronis True Image: Best Coupon Code for True Image By Acronis

10 Most Despicable Scams of 2010

Unfortunately 2010 was wrought with hundreds of scams from fake charities to Internet hoaxes but we’ve compiled a list of ten despicable scams that we want to be sure you are aware of and know how to protect yourself in 2011.

1. Gulf Coast Oil Spill Scams

The Gulf Coast Oil Spill of 2010 is a tragic environmental disaster.  What’s even more despicable than watching oil-covered wildlife die?  Finding out that you’ve “donated” to a scam claiming to help Gulf Coast clean up or even “paid” to be trained to volunteer to help with the clean up.  Oil spill related scams have been rampant and yes, despicable in 2010. The BBB has a page of resources to help those who want to help, to give wisely.

Beware of:  People offering you a clean up job, but asking for a fee for your training. Continue reading 10 Most Despicable Scams of 2010

ESET Security’s Product Coupons: Codes on Eset For Home and Small Office

Get a 25% off coupon for a 2 Year License purchase of ESET Smart Security

The programs and security systems you select should work to protect you, but they shouldn’t cause you to be annoyed.

ESET Security has gotten that balance between protection and annoyance right.

Their code works on millions of computers around the world, protecting users while keeping their computer use fun and fast.

Eset has a couple of security products.  Continue reading ESET Security’s Product Coupons: Codes on Eset For Home and Small Office

Acronis Director Suite (Coupons): Acronis for Servers Creates True Images


Saw your writeup re: Acronis true image and love Acronis for my home PC.  Do they have something for servers in wrk environs as well?

Acronis does have different levels of products including programs for managing a directory or migrating directories from one server to another.

One of the available software products they have is called Acronis Disk Director Server, and we’ve got a coupon for it.

Coupon Code: Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server

Partitioning a hard drive on a server can often lead to bogging down load times on the server.

One of the nice features of Acronis Disk Director’s Advanced Server software is the way that it lets you make the most of the performance of your server while giving you a friendly and effective hard disk drive management utility.

If you want to do advanced disk layout on your server, Advanced Director includes support for Dynamic Disk and GPT.  It also will let you take a piece of content and span the volume on the drive across multiple hard disks.

The content on your servers needs to be accessible round the clock.  The whole reason you have a server is so that it can SERVE.  You shouldn’t have to be a slave to it, just to have the server do it’s job.

Disk Director and the Disk Director Suite gives you simple ways to move or merge partitions.  It also has several features built in to minimize the amount of downtime your users will have while you’re doing server maintenance.

There are, of course, other server management utilities that will let you do what you can do with disk Director.

The nice thing about going with Disk Director is that it’s backed by the support and research of Acronis.

Acronis has been recognized for award-winning technology both for servers and home users.

Check it out, and use the coupon below.

Acronis’ software for servers will likely be a pleasant experience for your server’s overall performance.

Coupon Code: Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server

How To Remove A Key Logger?

My fiancée installed a key logger on my computer.  Not only is she reading all of my Skype conversations, but she’s also logging in and reading my emails.  Now she thinks I’ve got something going on with an old friend from high school.

(All this, despite the fact that this old girlfriend now lives in Israel).  She is spying on me.  My questions… is what she’s doing legal? Also, how do I remove this key logger and make sure it won’t be put back on my computer?


James, our question to you is, if you’re not married, and she already doesn’t trust you, how will your marriage go?

(Sorry to say this right before Christmas, but someone has to tell you.)

Have you given her reason in the past to remove the trust one normally places in their fiancée?

Trust plays a key role in all relationships.  While we’re not here to offer you relationship or legal advice, you should be aware that either your fiancée has serious insecurity issues (which already put your relationship in jeopardy), or you’ve given her reason to remove trust she previously placed in you (i.e. you cheated).

Either way, we advise you (as no more than an online friend) to closely look at your relationship, find out where the key trust issues lie, and address them, or evaluate if this is a relationship you want to continue.

Remember, you’re not married yet, and installing a key logger on your computer to monitor your activities suggests your marriage could already be in trouble…

Back to your key logger questions

Is spying on someone else using a key logger legal?

We’re not attorneys, and none of what we’re about to say should be construed as professional legal advice or a substitute for an attorney.

That said, it’s not legal if a key logger is installed on your computer by someone else, and you don’t know about it in advance.

However, whether or not it’s legal to use a key logger on your own computer, when someone else is using your computer, becomes a little more fuzzy on legal grounds.  There are arguments for both sides which have won out in court.

Was she using a key logger on her computer, which you were using?  It doesn’t sound like it.  If she installed this key logger on your computer (without you knowing about it in advance), then chances are good she’s actually done something illegal.

But do you really want to report your fiancée to the police for something she’s done to your computer?

How you deal with the key issues at play in your relationship here is up to you.  But it’s clear something deeper is going on.  Regardless, you probably want to remove this software.

How to remove a keylogger from your computer:

Almost every anti-spyware product we talk about on Identity Theft Secrets will identify and remove key logger software from your computer.

We’ve posted links to discounts on products which will not only remove key logger software from your computer, but will also protect your computer.

If you’re already set in that department and just want something that specifically is targeted to remove just key logger software, we recommend:

Kaspersky (using a coupon)
F Secure Discount Codes and Coupons
Trend Micro Coupons

And we wish you all the best with your relationship.

Acronis Migrate Easy Coupon Code: Data migration software Coupons

Are you migrating from one hard drive to another?  Did you know that there are ways to migrate all of your data easily, quickly, and safely?

Get 15% off Acronis Migrate Easy with this Coupon Code:

So you’ve finally gotten your files cleaned up.

You’ve got all of the right programs working well on your hard drive.

One problem… your hard drive has run out of space.

It’s time to upgrade and migrate to a new hard drive.

Isn’t that just always the way?  Just about the time you get things the way you like them, it’s time to Continue reading Acronis Migrate Easy Coupon Code: Data migration software Coupons

Acronis Coupon Codes: Acronis True Image And Coupons

Coupon Code for 15% off Acronis:

Have you ever bought a new hard drive and had a hard time getting everything transferred over correctly?  Some people even resort to trying to learn Linux code or dissect Microsoft’s proprietary code just to get files moved from one hard drive to another.

And, moving files is one thing, but what about creating a true image of your hard drive?

A true and complete image will let you move from one hard drive to another (including all the programs and applications you’ve got installed) much more easily.

Acronis is a company which does many things.

One major group of software Acronis is known for is their software for handling hard drive backups and transfers.

This means that if you buy their software, most of their products are not only a great way to backup your hard drive, but more importantly, it’s a great way to create a true image of what’s on one hard drive so you can move it quickly and easily to another hard drive.

In the process, Acronis also will compress and sort files into better file structures so that they will take up less space on your new drive.

This post is just to let you know about Acronis’ coupon codes for the holiday season, but we’ll be talking more about Acronis in future posts on IdentityTheftSecrets.

Acronis Coupon Codes

Get 15% off on Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 with this Coupon Code:

Get 5% off Acronis Snap Deploy 3.0 for Servers with this Coupon Code

Get 5% off Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 with this Coupon Code: