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How can I read the texts that my children are sending and receiving?

This email comes to us from Diann Childress (who has a question about monitoring her children’s texts.)

Hey IDSecrets,
I have been enjoying your articles about the moral implications of whether or not it’s spying to read someone else’s texts. I think it’s interesting moral ground when you’re talking about reading texts sent by your spouse/boyfriend. Surely though, those implications don’t extend to me as a parent, right? I would argue that it’s good for me as a parent to know what texts my children are sending. My question is not whether it’s morally right to do so. I think it’s not only my right, but my responsibility. However, if I do want to “spy”, how can I read the texts my children are sending and receiving?

When it comes to your children, we wouldn’t begin to tell you what to do.

Our personal opinions vary widely.

You could trust them and to text appropriately.  You give your children a lot of confidence when they know you trust them to make good decisions.

On the opposite side of that… there’s a great line in the movie Animal House.

The censored version of the line goes something like “You *messed* up. You trusted me.”

We think trust is a good thing.

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Is it okay to read someone else’s texts (Part 2 of 2)

We started this 2 part article with a post about How to Read Someone Else’s Texts.

You might also want to check that out if you haven’t read it already.

Today, we are going to go into the other side of this question.

Is it okay to read someone else’s texts?

This question takes many forms, but generally comes down to people asking the question from two perspectives.

  1. Is it morally (and legally) okay to read someone else’s texts?
  2. What will be the potential social consequences if it is discovered that I am reading someone else’s texts?

Is it morally okay to read someone else’s texts?

We’re not here to be the moral definer of your life.

So this is general information to be taken and used in creating your own opinion.

Whether or not it’s morally okay to read someone else’s texts would depend on what kind of moral justification you would need to intrude into someone else’s life.

Make no mistake… when you read someone else’s texts without their permission, you are intruding into their life as much as if you had taken their diary or their journal and read it.

If you tell other people about what you discovered when you read the texts they have been sending and receiving, it’s like sharing someone’s most private information with the world.

Generally the way to think about this question, and to decide if it’s “okay”, is to ask yourself if you would violate someone’s privacy to read or share their diary.

If you would, then you may decide that this is okay for you to do.

If you wouldn’t read their diary, don’t take their phone to read their texts without their permission.

Instances where this might be okay:

  • Someone is suicidal and needs intervention
  • Someone is planning crimes that would result in the death of others
  • Pretty much any situation where someone’s life is in peril and where the information from a text message could be used to prevent it.

Outside of that extreme, you’ll need to use your own judgment based on the relationship you have with the person whose texts you’re trying to read.

Also, you will want to judge the severity of the reasons which have you thinking you should want to read their texts.

Always though, open communication is best.

It never feels good to have someone go behind your back. Let them know your concerns and give them a chance to really have you really listen.

This means you have to be open to listen.

Is it legal to read someone else’s texts?

We’re not attorneys, and any advice you ever read within our site is never a substitute for professional legal advice or representation.

That having been said, the legality of reading someone else’s texts has a lot to do with the context in which the reading happened.

There is some case law to say that it’s fine for a partner to read another partner’s texts, and there’s also case law which says that it’s not okay to read a boyfriend’s texts without his permission, even if his phone is left at your house or apartment. So, it seems for the time being that the question about whether or not it’s legal to read someone else’s texts is under debate.

What will be the potential social consequences of reading someone else’s texts?

These consequences are too numerous to go into. However, there is one social consequence we’d like to address.

Loss of trust.

If you decide to take someone’s phone and read their texts, particularly if you plan to show them that you’ve made a copy of the text, you should be prepared that you will likely lose (possibly forever), their trust.

Here’s how you could do it:

Ending the relationship (and parting on bad terms)

If they have violated your trust through something they have done, and you want to end the relationship, then here’s a good way to end it.

Confront them with the proof that you took something they thought was private, and use it against them.

Find deleted texts and make copies of current and deleted texts using a device like the Cell Phone Spy.

Send them out to all of their friends, and post them in places where you know the messages would be the most embarrassing.

If ending the relationship is your desire, this should work as a relationship ender in most cases.

We don’t recommend it.

Keeping the relationship (or at least leaving it amicably)

If you are hoping to preserve the relationship, you might want to be more tactful in your approach. If you have already read their texts and found out something negative, avoid direct confrontation about it.

You’ve done wrong as well in sneaking off or using their phone to read their texts.

This kind of argument can easily and quickly escalate into a “who was more wrong” and “who did what to who first”, and no one ever wins those kinds of battles.

The best ways to deal with these kinds of situations come from an old book called “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. If you haven’t read it, you can read it for free online here.

From that book, you will learn some simple strategies for getting through difficult situations with grace.

This concludes the 2 part series: How to Read Someone Else’s Texts, and Is it okay to read someone else’s texts.

If you do want to get a backup of someone’s texts, or read messages they have deleted, take a look at the Cell Phone Spy.

How to Read Someone Else’s Texts: (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve already talked about why you might want to read someone else’s texts.

Your boyfriend is cheating, you suspect. Your wife is having an affair, you think. Open communication is always best, you know, so you’ve attempted to talk to your significant other about this issue.

They still remain secretive.

So, you’ve decided that communication isn’t working. You suspect there’s something going on and think that you could get the low down if you could read their texts.

Today, we have a two part post going more in-depth about the challenges of reading someone else’s texts.

In the first part, we are going to talk about common ways to read someone else’s texts. In the second part, we will talk about the moral and social implications, as well as opportunities and challenges presented when you decide to pick up their cell phone and read their texts.

So, Part 1.

Here are 5 times/places/methods you could use for reading your partner’s texts.

  1. You can read your partner’s or boyfriend’s texts when he’s in the shower
  2. You can read your wife’s texts when she’s out for a jog or walking the dog
  3. You can attempt to read your partner’s texts while they go to the bathroom (though be quick about it)
  4. You can read their texts while they’re sleeping
  5. Your phone battery could run out and you need to “borrow” theirs for a couple of hours.

These are five of many ways people get a hold of someone else’s phone to read the texts on it.

3 ideas for how to read someone else’s texts:

  1. Pick up their phone and read the texts like we’ve mentioned above.  (It’s free, but can’t read deleted texts)
  2. Pull out their SIM card and follow the how to that accompanies most devices for reading SIM cards. An example of a SIM Card Reader would be the Cell Phone Spy. Even though this is moderately expensive, people will buy a device like the Cell Phone spy because it lets you read deleted texts (in addition to texts currently on the phone). Most SIM card readers plug into a computer where you can copy the content of the text into a document, email, etc.
  3. Get a wireless “sniffer” to read and decode text messages. This may sound like science fiction, but there are devices which will let you read someone else’s text messages passing through the air around you. Usually the quality devices for wireless reading of text messages are the most expensive. (If someone tries to sell you a wireless text reading device for less than $250, make sure you read the fine print very carefully.) If you’re wanting a good device for reading texts wirelessly, check out the professional grade INSERT PRODUCT HERE.

This concludes part 1: How to read someone else’s texts.

Read on for part 2: Is it okay to read someone else’s texts

Webroot Window Washer Coupon Code

Window Washer Coupon Code
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Have something on your computer that you want to hide – like permanently?

Been surfing on websites that you don’t want your significant other/parents/children/roommates to know about?

You can wash your computer clean.  Such is the promise of Webroot’s Window Washer, a product that IdentityTheftSecrets has scored a coupon code next to in this post.

I think all the metaphors employed by Webroot in the marketing of their Window Washer clean up tool are quite fun (and a little funny – odd funny).

Window Washer is software designed to “wash” your internet activity completely, making you look squeaky clean in the process.

This means that Window Washer is coded to remove your full history on the Internet, including the address bar, cache, cookies, and more.

And Window washer is now available for Firefox as well.

Eraser (but more like in the context you would use to erase your paper)

They also have a feature within Window Washer called “Bleaching.”  In the laundry, what does bleach do?  It can wash everything to pure white, or even burn holes in fabric and making it completely unrecognizable.

Bleaching in terms of Window Washer is more like taking a sharpie and drawing stick figures all over a piece of paper, turning each letter into a symbol for something else.  Within Window Washer, bleaching will completely overwrite files with random characters and gobbledygook code.  If you want to make sure no one can ever do anything with the file (you know, that file where you stored that thing you don’t ever want anyone to see), bleaching can make that happen.

Bleaching with the Webroot Window Washer method surpasses the redaction standards of both the National Security Agency and the United States Department of Defense.

These Highlights of Window Washer Privacy Software come direct from Webroot:

  • Expanded support for over 530 popular third-party programs
  • User-friendly interface makes it faster and easier to keep privacy protected
  • Computer privacy software that erases tracks of sites you’ve visited
  • Improves system performance by safely removing unnecessary files and disk clutter
  • Permanently deletes and overwrites files with encryption technology that exceeds U.S. Department of Defense and National Security Agency security standards
  • Highly rated by independent reviews
  • Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule, such as after every browser session, system start-up, or system shut-down

Panda Antivirus Spyware Scan: Free Your Computer of Viruses

Panda Active Scan – Free Your Computer of Spyware with this antivirus tool

Want a free scan of your computer from Panda (same company that is the award winning software maker of Panda Antivirus)?

Their free scan will look over your computer and tell you what threats you’re currently exposed to.  Then, chances are good, once Panda has scanned your computer using their free scan, they will try to get you to buy Panda Antivirus as a way to fix your computer.

Makes sense.

It’s a good business model to offer something for free to entice you into downloading something else.

However, unlike with more dubious software makers, Panda Antivirus is actually a product that will do what it says it will do after running the free scan of your computer.

Panda has something that they call “Collective Intelligence Technology”.  This is the idea of cloud computing, and allows the millions of people (who use Panda software to scan their computers) to get nearly instant information from one another.  This automatically improves protection nearly as fast as viruses are released.  It gives users a freedom, and a peace of mind, knowing that all computers connected through Panda’s software are having their computers updated with the latest intelligence about threats, coming in from all over the world.

By leveraging community knowledge, Panda’s software offers a really great protection against spyware, with a minimal impact on your computer, leading to faster and more versatile products. If you want to see what Panda can do, try their free your computer of  spyware scan to see what it finds on your computer.

Panda Active Scan – Free Your Computer of Spyware with this antivirus tool

Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010/2011 Review

Webroot Internet Security Complete
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Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010 was a security system designed well to be used in defense of your computer.  But, we’re almost done with 2010!

Hard as it may be to believe that 2010 is all but over, in 2011, Webroot Internet Security encompasses a few different products.  Webroot still is using it’s strong background in multi-layered protection tools so that shopping, banking and other web transactions are secure.

Webroot Internet Security Complete enables you to access and manage your passwords, online accounts and personal files from anywhere. gives you a place to have an account which securely stores almost any data you want it to. Webroot stores your passwords using the highest data security standards.  No security is 100% safe, but when it comes to protecting your information, you want the best kind of protection money can buy.  Webroot uses the same standards that the Government of the United States uses for Top Secret data. Again, no security is 100% perfect, but if you’re going to store information online somewhere, Webroot’s security methods are among the best for protecting your data once it’s stored with them.

Sometimes I have a hard time with these kinds of backup services, because I figure that if my passwords are being stored somewhere online, then they’re easily hacked.  However, for most people unaware of how to set up their own security, any Internet-connected device (computer, laptop, iphone, or smartphone) poses a much greater threat than storing your information with a company like Webroot.

As with Webroot Internet Security 2010, Webroot Internet Security 2011 will secure and encrypts passwords, fill in forms on the Internet, monitor internet transactions for fraud, and block Internet scams designed to cause you to unwittingly trust how something looks, or how someone relates to you, so that you will share your information.  As with Internet Security Essentials, Internet Security complete will help to protect you against your own good nature.

Spy Sweeper is included with Webroot Internet Security Complete 2011, combining some of the best antispyware and antivirus protection in one product.

Webroot also includes a System Cleanup utility with this product, so that the unnecessary files cached after surfing can be removed easily and effortlessly.  In addition, the “shredder” function permanently deletes sensitive files and folders, making them completely unrecoverable.

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Panda Antivirus Coupon Code

Panda Antivirus Coupon Code: Save 20% on Panda Antivirus

Every day, there are more and more viruses online.

They aim to steal your information, personal details, and everything about you.

Antivirus companies have sprung up all over the place.

One of these companies is Panda Security.  We started talking about the code behind the software and why that code makes Panda’s products successful.

We’ll be talking more about Panda in upcoming Identity Theft Secrets posts, but for today, we just want to make sure you know about the Panda Antivirus Coupon Code which will save you 20% on Panda’s Antivirus software.

Panda Security is one of the world leaders in protecting computers against viruses and other Internet threats.

Using the coupon code below, you can save 20% on their anti virus tool.

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National Opt Out Day: Full Body Scans, Pat Downs and Travel

Many popular airports are now using “full body scans” at airport security.    For some travelers it doesn’t matter but many are advocating for a national opt out day on Nov. 24 in order to make a point about the use of full body scanners.

What are the concerns about full body scanners?

  • Some say that full body scanners are invasive.
  • Others fear that there may be health concerns that we are unaware of by using full body scanners (after all we thought BPA was safe too).
  • Still others worry about their identity and private information being saved and subjected to identity theft or humiliating YouTube videos.  Not to mention the comments that may be going on in the booth- these scanner images are pretty explicit and thorough.
  • But it’s not just the full body scans, but the more “intensive” so called pat downs that will touch your breast and genitals while being conducted.  Opting out of a scan means a full body search instead.

But aren’t we safer with full body scans? Some say yes, while other’s strongly disagree and here is why: Continue reading National Opt Out Day: Full Body Scans, Pat Downs and Travel

Webroot Spy Sweeper Coupon

Webroot Spy Sweeper Coupon
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Webroot Spy Sweeper is a solid product with a good reputation.

And as mentioned, we’ve gotten a coupon which lets you get Webroot Spy Sweeper at 50% off.

This coupon will work for Webroot’s Security Complete and Spy Sweeper.

If you decide to get Webroot Internet Security Complete, it includes the Spy Sweeper antispyware and antivirus protection.  Webroot’s team and software works 24 hours a day around the planet.  This gives them an easy way to block the latest web attacks.

Spy Sweeper and Webroot software also blocks hacking attempts and spies, but does it’s best to minimize interruptions, incorporating a two-way firewall security method.

Webroot’s Security Complete has many other features aside from the great things you’ll see in Spy Sweeper.  It can automatically fill in your passwords to prevent keyloggers and hackers from stealing them, and, like Roboform, Webroot can generate unique, hacker-proof passwords for each of your sites

We’ll have more Webroot coupons as we get them, but if you want Webroot Spy Sweeper, definitely use the 50% off coupon for SpySweeper through the link below.

Webroot Spy Sweeper Coupon
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