Breaking News about College Students and Identity Theft

The Social Security numbers, grades and other personal information of more than 40,000 former University of Hawaii students were posted online for nearly a year before being removed this week, The Associated Press has learned.

Apparently it has been discovered that “a faculty member inadvertently uploaded files containing the information to an unprotected server on Nov. 30, 2009, exposing the names, academic performance, disabilities and other sensitive information of 40,101 students who attended the flagship Manoa campus from 1990 to 1998 and in 2001. A handful of students from the West Oahu campus were included in the security breach.”

That’s why we offer these 7 Tips to Protect College Students from Identity Theft. After all The U.S. Department of Education acknowledges that students are at an increased risk for two main reasons: “the availability of personal data and the way many students handle this data.”

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Be careful what you like on Facebook: Latest in “like” scams

We all know how useful the “like” button can be on Facebook. We can quickly “like” a photo, article, news piece or business.  By “liking” a website, business, product, or service we can keep up to date with information as well as help to promote them, we can even get free products, coupons and samples with the every useful “like” button. But unfortunately far too often, what you “like” will turn into something you and your friends will really dislike!

The latest – though not so greatest viral like button scams on Facebook went crazy just this week. Within moments thousands of people had “liked” Continue reading Be careful what you like on Facebook: Latest in “like” scams

Small Business and Credit Card Companies Target of Scams

Credit card fraud comes in many different forms. For a group of business executives it came in the form of a complicated conspiracy. A recent small business scam in Houston, Texas involved three so called executives using credit cards to pay for phoney transactions, then filtered the payments to various accounts.

This particular conspiracy made victims out of a number of sources – unsuspecting consumers, credit card companies and banks. It started as Continue reading Small Business and Credit Card Companies Target of Scams

Cell Phone Charges: Verizon made mistakes was your bill one of them?

When most people sign up for cell phone service they will take the time to decide which carrier they will use. Consumers have a wide array of choices of carriers and plans.  Most carriers and plans require a specified period of time and a variety of product choices from talk, text, internet, GPS, and data packages.   These packages are charged to us automatically each month.  Unfortunately cell phone users are at the mercy of the cell phone provider when it comes to billing, and could be charged for services that we didn’t use, requiring us to spend valuable time contesting the charges.

It was recently discovered that Verizon had been charging some customers for data downloads or internet access when they did not have access to data plans. How can this happen you might ask? Continue reading Cell Phone Charges: Verizon made mistakes was your bill one of them?

Don’t get taken for a ride: Cabbies steal from customers

One of the things we tend to be most afraid of as consumers is being overcharged. Just the mere mention of it will incite anger into the meekest among us. The latest report of a number of cab drivers overcharging fares in New York City is enough to make anyone needing a cab to be cautious.  Everyone knows how congested New York is and how the city relies on its taxis. When a patron enters a taxi they trust that the driver is charging them according to the rates are posted and universal among all taxis for that city.  At its core, this case comes down to broken trust that has led to theft.

In New York City 59 cab drivers have been charged with Continue reading Don’t get taken for a ride: Cabbies steal from customers

New and Improved Counterfeit Check Scams

As long as there have been checks, there have been scams associated with them. In the “old” days it was forgery. A scam artist would get a hold of an individual’s check book, forge their signature and the victim would be left with a wiped out bank account.

In the age of technology, the scams have become more sophisticated. We rely on computers today to do everything from communicate to organize our lives. Most businesses conduct some sort of business online with their customers. Because of this, the scam artist has become more creative in their pursuit of a quick buck at the expense of someone else.

One of the latest check scams combines the old with the new. A thief will Continue reading New and Improved Counterfeit Check Scams