Till Death Do Us Part: Death Benefits Insurance Fraud

It all sounds like it’s a script from the television show “CSI,” with a tale of conspiracy, death and fraud. It really would make good TV.  Sadly, it is not fiction it is real and you and I are the real victims in this case and the thousands like it in America today.

In August, 2010 an insurance fraud ring was brought to justice in Los Angeles. This particular scam involved an employee of a funeral home (Jean Crump) along with her co-conspirators set up an elaborate scheme to defraud insurance companies as well as financial assignment companies of more than $1.2 million in life insurance claims and funeral expenses. Continue reading Till Death Do Us Part: Death Benefits Insurance Fraud

Hide and Seek: Find the apartment and the “scam”

Looking for a new house or apartment can be stressful enough. There are so many details to consider such as, “Can I afford it?” “Is it close enough to work?” “What about school districts, shopping, dining, entertainment?” and many other questions to ask, but who would think of asking if the owner is really the owner.

This week my sister was apartment hunting.  Finding one she was interested in on Craigslist she emailed the “poster” and requested an opportunity to view the home.  A reply message came to her via email, claiming to be the owner of the home and out of the country at this time but that she could still go by and see the house.  Being a smart, savvy woman, she of course sent her husband instead of going alone.  When he arrives at the house he finds the true owners, who have no intention of renting their home.  Once upon a time they had it for sale, but are not renting it out or even selling it anymore.  Thanks to this Craigslist posting he has had people from 150 miles away show up on his door step expecting the opportunity to view the home to rent, only to find out that it’s not available. It’s just a time wasting scam.

While this hoax is annoying and a waste of time for both home owners, apartment hunters and even the police departments who are investigating these types of scams there are some that are much worse.

How do scams regarding rental properties occur? Continue reading Hide and Seek: Find the apartment and the “scam”

Cheap User-Friendly Software Enables Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft

The creation of malware and software applications that could be used to steal personal credit card or bank account information was once the province of professional programmers and hackers. Not anymore. Thanks in part

to relatively cheap, as well as easily attainable and usable software programs, more and more amateur hackers and even non-programmers can get into the business of spreading computer viruses, committing identity theft, and stealing sensitive information.

One such software program . . . . Continue reading Cheap User-Friendly Software Enables Credit Card and Identity Theft

Lifeshield Discount Promotion: Home Security with No Annual Contract

Get Home Security with no annual contract.

– Lifeshield Promotion –

You’ve seen offers for “Free” or “$99 home security.” But when you consider the hidden costs to truly protect your family from burglary and fire, you soon learn that “Free” isn’t all its cracked up to be. LifeShield provides the lowest total cost of home security with no annual contract.

Many companies promote “free” security systems. Usually, the offers are for very basic systems that do not offer adequate protection from burglary and fire. Burglars often know these companies only install minimal security and may even target homes that are ‘protected’ by these systems. When you consider everything that is included in the LifeShield Home Kit and LifeShield’s revolutionary whole house fire protection, your savings are dramatic


Here You Have – Not Just Another E-Mail Virus

The latest email virus may have hit corporate America hard in the past few days, shutting down the major cable and internet provider Comcast as well as infecting ABC/Disney, Google, NASA and Coca Cola.  While corporations were the believed target, thanks to the ease of forwarding messages your own PC may be at risk too.  The virus has brought down other whole corporate networks not only with the virus, but the volume of messages forced through their email systems as it replicates itself.

Here You Have is a brand new Trojan virus, which in some cases our personal security software is not yet prepared to protect against. Continue reading Here You Have – Not Just Another E-Mail Virus

The facts about FACTA and your credit card receipts

President George W. Bush signed FACTA, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, into law in December 2004. FACTA has remained in the headlines over the past six years. For every point of protection to consumers provided in FACTA there has also been a point of contention from definitions of words, to whether the federal law “undoes’ state consumer protection laws and often to who the law applies.

Continue reading The facts about FACTA and your credit card receipts