Starbucks Sued After Data Breach

If you own a company and haven’t yet put together a comprehensive identity theft plan for your company, please contact us for more information (at no cost to you).
For those of you who are CITRMS certified, or are benefits specialists speaking to companies about their need to pprotect themselves against data breach lawsuits, here’s an article from that you may want to print to take with you on appointments.

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Sleep Better with If it’s a public record, and it’s available, we’ve got it ready for you. Just use the simple search on our site.
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Whether someone wants to rent your house, date your son or daughter, mow your lawn, supervise a youth group or just meet for a drink, can arm you with the knowledge you’ve been wondering or worrying over.

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Reverse Phone Directories Can Help You Avoid Identity Theft

Utilize Reverse Phone Directories to Dodge Identity Theft Phone Scams

Although online identity theft scams get far more attention these days, phone based scams have interrupted even more lives over the past few decades. These calls start off innocently enough.

Reverse lookups with phone directoriesA person on the other end tells you that you’ve won a great prize or that you are pre qualified for a great new credit card and all they need is some basic information in order to send you your amazing gift through the mail right away. Of course, there is no prize or credit card, only a series of events leading to your identity being stolen by a phone scammer.

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Synthetic Identity Theft: “Fake” Identity Theft has “Unreal” Consequences

You know the difference between synthetic turf and real grass, so what’s the difference between identity theft and synthetic identity theft?

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Do You Have the 411 on Email? Lost someone’s email, phone number or address? Want to find someone’s email address, phone or home address? Trying to find someone you once knew? Want to find the contact information for ANY company or business? Hunting for a celebrity’s email address? Want to get even MORE information about someone? You are in the right place.

You can find just about ANYONE’S email address, phone, home address (and even public records) … or just find someone in general.
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Did you know there is a 411 lookup service for e-mail addresses? Finding someone by simply using their email address is relatively simple, if you have the right tools.

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Check you out at The authentic, a recognized and trusted online records information provider, lets you utilize a network of multiple data sources to find the exact court records you are looking for. Generally speaking, we can find out practically anything, except for very sensitive personal information such as financial and credit card data. Please use the simple form on our web site to start your search:.
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How can you go about finding out information on whether or not someone has been arrested or has a warrant out for their arrest? How do you know how many times they have been in court, or if they have ever filed for bankruptcy? No matter if it is a new significant other or a prospective business partner, sometimes you just need to know what their court records are.
There’s a site that can help.

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Colorado Identity Theft Evidence Turned Down By Police

“This guy’s a professional”
Whoever was committing the fraud knew what they were doing, according to an identity-theft expert. That’s because the person only duplicated and forged people’s information if they had good credit and no history of criminal activity.
Bank records and receipts in Simmons’ name show criminal-background checks were conducted on people whose identities were stolen. If the victims had no criminal history, their identities were put in envelopes with handwriting saying: “Great! Nothing! Clean!”
Take a look at the news story:

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