The transparent nature of the Internet: Vanity Searches

Finding yourself also used to refer to a time in your life when you might go on a very long walk, or go away to the mountains for a weekend retreat. I once heard a comedian make a joke that you could go to the mall to “find yourself” on that little map which says “you are here.” However, in the 21st century, there are many more adventurous ways of finding yourself .
Lately, I have had a lot of experiences which have reminded me of the transparent nature of the Internet, and how finding information has become amazingly easy.
A friend of mine was very surprised when he found a picture of himself, in the third grade, by doing a vanity search on Google.
What’s a vanity search? Simply go to Google and type in your name.
Now if you really want to get creative, go to Google and in your vanity searching, type in your name, your city and state, and/or something else personal to you. Examples of things you can type in:
Your name + Your employer
Your name + A Pet’s name
Your name + Names of schools (high school, college, middle school, elementary)
Your name + name of someone you know well
Your name + city where you used to live
Your name + any organization you have ever belonged to
Just your phone number
Just your address
Just your email address

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How an ATM Card Switch Scheme Works

This type of fraud scheme is less likely to happen to someone bscause it requires physical interaction with a victim, and requires the people committing the crime to actually be caught by the ATM’s video camera.
However, it is very interesting to see how an ATM Card Switch scheme works in real life.
Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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