An Interview With LifeLock’s Mike Prusinski and Review of Lifelock’s Service

Side comment about the promotion code IDENTITY, since so many people have asked for information…

this link has a promotion code in it, using the code IDENTITY
saves you $21 off the cost of Lifelock, and gives you 30 days free.

I read about a service called Lifelock and how having Lifelock supposedly reduces your risk of becoming a victim of Identity Theft by half.
This sounded a little fishy to me (no pun intended), so I decided to investigate further.
After reading about Lifelock on their web site, I found out that where they focus is on trying to prevent your information, and your identity, from being valuable to anyone but you. In other words, even if your information is compromised, which (as we’ve discussed numerous times on this site) it already is, their service makes your identity virtually useless to anyone but you.
Pretty cool approach to the Identity Theft problem.

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An Interview With RM Tracy of the Privacy Trust Group

I recently met R. M. Tracy from the Privacy Trust Group, and found her story, and her company, quite interesting. So I decided to interview her and post the interview here.
Before we get to the interview, here is a little background information on Reggie Tracy:
As a former FBI Special Agent, Ms. Tracy investigated financial crimes, became familiar with the exploit of technology by criminals, and experienced limitations in the laws and law enforcement’s ability to help victims of financial crimes to recover. After leaving the FBI, Ms. Tracy worked as a consultant and was a founding member of a corporate security services company. As an IT security professional, Ms. Tracy worked with financial services companies, government agencies, and others, to identify and minimize weaknesses in their corporate information security systems. Now, Ms. Tracy is applying the skills and experiences from working with these organizations to helping businesses and consumers to deal with identity theft.
R. M. Tracy has also worked with the US military and DOD as a civilian giving her experience with issues affecting national security. Ms. Tracy also has a Masters of Business with a marketing focus from Purdue University.

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Who Are These People? Talvest Mutual Funds “Expert”

In an article referencing the Talvest Mutual Funds data breach from the Montreal Gazette, this was the quote…

Phil Levi, a local forensic and investigative accountant, says criminals typically act quickly in cases of identity theft, usually within 48 hours of obtaining the information.
“With these fraudsters, it’s hit and run.”

I’m sorry to be rude, but what the heck is this guy talking about?
According to this article, 470,000 people’s information was compromised.
I’ve NEVER seen a study which says that large databases of information become less valuable over time, or that criminals use the information right away. And I COMPLETELY disagree with this expert’s assessment.

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