Identity Theft Prevention Feature of Internet Explorer 7

One of the nice features of Internet Explorer Seven is that it has a phishing alert build right into the software. What this means is that when you’re using Internet Explorer 7, if someone has reported a site as a phishing site, that you can know about it as you’re visiting the site. It’s a nice security and social networking feature built right into the browser, and is a great deterrent, although not foolproof, way to let people help each other provide some sense of security about surfing the Internet.
Watch the video below to see an example of Internet Explorer 7’s Phishing site alert in action.

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The Social Security Administration on An Unsuspecting Public

Does the Social Security Administration care about Identity Theft? Yes, they do.
Was their PR, in this case, doing a very poor job of explaining that the Social Secuirty Administration actually does care about Identity Theft and phishing?
Watch below. You be the judge.

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McDonald’s Spreads Malware

It’s really interesting when as many as 10,000 computers get infected with Malware on behalf of one of the largest food distributors in the world. It’s an example of a high tech scheme using a very low-tech distribution method.

McDonalds Japan has launched a recall after discovering that MP3 players it offered as a prize were loaded with a particularly nasty strain of malware. Up to 10,000 people might have been exposed to the problem after claiming a Flash MP3 player pre-loaded with ten tunes and a variant of the QQpass spyware Trojan…(People were) exposed to spyware code programmed to transmit their web passwords and other sensitive information to hackers.

If Identity Thieves can get into the inner workings of a McDonald’s promotion (in Japan or anywhere else), don’t you think it’s time you take some steps to keep them out of your personal information, and create a plan, just in case your information gets stolen?